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Real Sports HBO Steroid Story



Most of you have probably seen this, but its a pretty good story on steroid use. Nice to see somebody has balls enough to report the truth.

If youve never used Megaupload, wait for the little box in the upper left to count to 0 and then you will be able to download it.



Good stuff, living in Aus I never got to see it although I enjoyed the discussion on T-Mag. Now I can make up my own mind.


That's the ONLY worthwhile AAS documentary/show I've seen so far.


i love it "show me the boddies" he says and it's true i myself think it's about what it has always been about and that is money you notice how he sais hrt clinics are popping up everywhere i mean damn if steroids were soooooo bad i don't think we would see all those clinics but we all know what kind of power those pharmacutical companies have everything is more profitable once it's illegal.........


ahh bob clapp. ive played football with his grandson. what a beast that kid was. if he didnt break his leg we would have had a state title.


Thanks for sharing.

I think this should be mandatory viewing for everybody.


i've seen this special linked before, but thanks for linking it. good stuff, bro.


romano looks so badass, too. :slight_smile:


Just stumbled across this. Good, surprisingly fair piece. But why the hell do some bodybuilders wear fanny pack, spandex, and brightly colored pants. Thats the most embarrassing part of the video.


Because they can...



I am so jacked that I can dress like a total duchebag asshole and get away with it cause nobody is gonna say shit.


"people have died from steroid abuse"

well no shit, if u abuse any substance your going to die.

(example) people dont die from alcohol. they die from abusing it.

point proven


Long way from the muscle chef segments on ESPN's "American Muscle Magazine" TV of yore (I miss that show)...


My favorite is the kid with 14" arms who owns every piece of Max Muscle gear and wears sunglasses while he's doing squats.


Did anyone else find it funny that Dr. Wadler the "outspoken critic" is fat has a huge turkey neck?

I hope to God I look like Bob Clapp when I'm 70, holy shit. That guy is an inspiration.


Yep. But, they're only embarrassing themselves. There are lots of things you could do just because you can get away with it, without making a complete jackass of yourself.


I'm pretty sure they don't care, either.


ah the WAD, i know i will have a good laugh everytime he speaks. not to mention, we will have a nice little clip everytime he does so we can put them together and show that this obese dipshit has been lying his head off about the sauce for years.

anyone notice that the physician who says that the hype is BS looks like he is in very good shape for his age, not to mention carries himself well to boot.

and rommano asking to see the bodies, priceless!


Yea I'm with Rainjack on that one. The acceptance of the bodybuilding lifestyle is pretty much acceptance of getting ridiculed and shit-talked. I'm sure lots of the people reading this board have run into circumstances where everyone wants to know WHY DONT YOU WANT SOME BIRTHDAY CAKE?

You're too good to eat our triple fried chicken with extra fat sauce? Why do you do this to yourself, just relax and enjoy your life-there's no need to work so hard. You're so vain.

These guys obviously give a shit. They'll put on a pink bandana and sunglasses just to give you another reason to talk shit, because that's how little they care. Just like how the old school pimps and macs from the 70s dressed in a way that was unacceptable to many "ordinary people" at the time. Now all of a sudden it's part of pop culture and chic.


Catching a roundhouse kick from a guy in bright pink zebra stripe spandex pants? Fuhgettaboutit. The shame would hurt more than the physical blow itself.