Real Quick Question

Every Morning i have my first meal with an MRP and Rolled Oats…Just recently to save time i’ve added the oats right into the blender with the MRP and it doesnt taste half bad, but my question is do i have to micro the oats first or can i just throw them into the blender?? Another words does it matter if the oats are cooked or not? taste isnt really an issue, nothing i eat really tastes any good anymore, thanks alot in advance

Deuce, sorry to hear that nothing you eat taste good anymore. :frowning:

As for your oatmeal -- I eat them uncooked when I'm on the run (I munch on them like they're popcorn or something).

There could actually be some benefit to eating your oats raw. This will ensure that the GI stays low. Oftentimes, if oats are overcooked, the GI increases and you lose the benefit of a great low GI carb.

I do and have been doing it for 2 years now Some ppl say its good some ppl say its not.

Thanks alot guys, i appreciate it