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Real Primobolan?

Saw some primo amps both made by schering. one was clear with a paper label. the other was dark with the lettering printed on the amp. if they are from the same company why the different packaging. i was told one was from greece and the other from turky(dark amp). can you guys tell if one or both are real/fake? thanks…

The turkish ones should be the clear vials - post a pic if you are unsure

Turkish Schering is clear glass with paper label. Spanish was brown glass with green printing.

Both of these are extensively faked. I had some fake Turkish gear that looked 99% perfect, only mistake was one line was shifted 1/2 a character over.

Post pics.

I’ve had real Primobolan Depot and the amps are clear with the label on it. I don’t have all of the information that was on it but it was genuine stuff. Then I got some brown amps with printed letters in green. The letters were fading off and the amps were hard as hell to break off. I had to use a towel to break it off and I shattered the whole amp! I discontinued use of the brown amps last week. I’ll post pics of the brown amps really soon.