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REAL Planet Fitness Hilarity


Ok, so which T-Nation member is this? Fess up guys.


Repost. However I forgive you on account of your avatar.




Awe, da big bad muscle man is having a tantwum.

It's jackasses like him who give iron sports a bad impression to the general public.



but srsly, what a douche.


What's the problem?

All I see is a badass psyching himself up, then doing side dumbbell swings and trashcan carries.

Functional training at its finest.


Uh, agreed. I feel like I missed something? That's a tough medley right there; db toss to trashcan throw to trashcan throw to ?? Was he going to parking lot for another trash can or to push some cars?


Car toss.
Then ramp up to aeroplane swings.
And finally, he'd fly out to space and crush the Milky Way (roid rage of course)


I sense a disturbance in the force....I see it now....another Shae Weight thread coming soon!




Don't worry guys. That only happens when you're on steroids.



Anyone spot the "You Belong!" on the side of all the machines? That's how you know you're at a hardcore gym.


This, too...


Hahaha! Epic!


Damn! lol!


You white, you Ben Affleck.


What a fucking butt-lick.

Hope he faces criminal charges.