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Real People, Real Muscle

I just got done Reading Real People, Real Muscle by Chris Shugart in this weeks issue of
T-mag. All I can say is wow, great article. This is one of the best articles I have seen in a while. Patricia you seem to be the perfect example of what a T-WOMAN should want to be like, which gives me an idea you said that you were lacking sponsorship well I say that if Testosterone Magazine/Biotest was ever looking for a female representative you would be ideal. My .02, Tate

What a great article!! I found the article refreshing!! After reading the article I felt like I found myself a new friend. I’m gonna give it to my wife to read, I think she will find it inspiring.

I thought I was the only one who liked Mike n Ikes!! (I still miss the old ‘Good n Fruity’)

I’ll go along with Tate, she would be a great represenative for Biotest. With all her contributions to the forum, I thought she was already on your staff.
Nice job Chris and All the best to Patricia.(Ko you really been blessed)



…and a spot in reader mail. You have been a busy girl this week! I hope the lads are “hooking you up” with some goodies for basically making the issue this week. And tell Ko we’ll all keep him to his promise next year!


Agreed Tate. Way to go Patricia!

Yeah. Very pleasantly surprised to see an article on Patricia in this week’s issue. A true “real person”. She’s also very friendly and helpful in the forum although I don’t talk to her much. Kudos to Patricia.

Ko is a lucky bastard!

Cool new series. More!

Congrats, Patricia! Looks like you’re coming into your own!

I commended you on another circulating thread. But anyway, I’ll do it again. Your a unique person Patricia and it’s satisfying to see other’s recongnized for all their hard work. Keep it up, and thanks for all the help here on the forum.

Nice job Patricia!!! If only there were more women out there like you. I admire what you have done with your life and your over-all attitude. Keep up the great work and we look forward to future contributions from you. You ROCK!

Yep. Great body, great person. You the man, woman!

Ko & Patricia = Cool People. We’ve still gotta hit a workout at Golds!

It was a great article and she not only an example of what a T-Woman should be like, but what all woman should be like. I also like to thank you on your critic on my writting. I will try my best in the future to have better grammer. KO is one lucky guy. If you guys are ever in NYC area let me know.

Absolutely I think you are sexy as hell! Not based on looks alone but your attitude, you seem well rounded very creative and just seem real world smart which is very sexy. All the girls I admire are that, from an athlete I knew like you to a ballet dancer poet, stay hungry!

Great article; great inspiration! I just had to give you a chick’s perspective: you give every woman who lifts the hope that we too can be smart, sexy and strong as hell. Between your article and Merry Xmas Bob, I should be hitting new personal bests in 2003. Thanks for being the T-vixen we’re all striving to be! :wink:

A super-fine bodybuilding, beer drinking chick who geeks out on comic books. Where the hell have you been all my life?

Great article, great idea featuring a T-mag regular. Chris Shugart could’nt have picked a better forum regular to start off with. I think Patricia is a great example of what most t-mag regulars aspire to be. A well rounded and all around well developed person. It’s nice to see someone with so many interests other than just lifting. Patricia, it’s sounds like you have really achieved a nice balance in your life, thanks for sharing a little of it with us.

Patricia, you mentioned that you are an illustrator. I have done a lot of talk in the last few years about an idea for children’s books, but couldn’t draw a stick man if I had to. Would like to know if you might be interested if I would actually quit using lack of illustrator and write them already. Let me know if you have any interest. Bill…

Congratulations Patricia on getting some well deserved recognition but I already knew you were special. Who else could remember The Hustler of Muscle Beach?

Wow. Thanks all. Such nice things to say. And I didn’t pay any of you to say those things, too!

Bill: check out my online portfolio: www.portfolios.com/PatriciaSmith to make sure I'm indeed the artist you're looking for. Also, there is a Childrens Book Illustrator/Writers organization that you should check out. They have a website. I know of a Oregon chapter, perhaps there's a local chapter for you?

Magnus: good hearing from you! Where ya been?

trialdog: thanks for the chick's perspective!

Really don't know what to say. 'Cept, thanks again. I'm rather speechless. And, as Ko can attest, that's a rarity.

I just took a little forum break for a few weeks. Actually I bought a new motorcycle about 7 weeks ago and was busy riding it as much as possible before putting it away for the winter. I still lurked a little but did’nt take the time to post any messages. Thanks for asking.