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real or fake?

ok im about done with my 8 week test/tren cycle, and im questioning the authenticity of the test. the tren is not an issue i made it myself. here is the deal:

i have never used test before this is my first mass cycle. i have been on 250mg loeffler testosterona eod for 6 weeks, and 100mg ed of qv prop for the last two. plus tren at 75mg ed. clomid at 50md ed throughout.

im up about 10lbs total from the start of the cycle. granted i look a lot better than i did, but i was under the impression that 20-30lbs was the norm with these dosages.

i have had absolutley no sides whatsoever. no shrinkage, no itchy tits, no hair loss. the first few weks i had a raging hard on but that is all.

i have increased strength but tren alone will do that. i think i could put on 10 lbs with tren only.

the gear came with sealed boxes with holograms and lot numbers on them as well as on the vial. it had the plastic covers on top of the stopper. they look exactly like the shit ive seen on other web sites.

my training has been geared for hypertrophy as well as my diet. i dont think either of those are an issue.

what do you guys think?

This obviously isn’t your first cycle so as one progresses past the first cycle one can’t always expect to gain 20-30 lbs. On the other hand, you should get you bf% checked to see if you are leaner - to see approximately just how much muscle you did put on. Another thing- I can always tell prop is legit becase I get a noticeable boost in libido after each injection. The other thing you have to factor in is that you didn’t use dbol. But it is quite possible that you recieved diluted gear or bogus crap, that’s why I am much more comfortable with getting gear from a person, not a computer website. But hey it could have been worse - take my experience with fake nolvadex for an example! imagine if the test was real but the clomid had been fake!

With that logic I should be about 435lbs by now.

thanks guys.

p-22 i didnt get it online i got it from a local a-hole.

spook, this is my first mass cycle. all i have done in the past is low dose tren only and a two week tren and winny.

I thought this was going to be about boobs

horse, lmao. do you have any thoughts on the “real” issue?

Yeah I’ve got some thoughts.

You should certainly feel 750mg/week of test. If the stuff was fake, it was a very elaborate fake (holograms, etc.) while this is possible, it is not probable.

Loeffler is not exactly top shelf gear so it is possible that it was gear made by Loeffler that is grossly underdosed and/or bogus.

A third possibility is that your local a-hole used the legit gear and then injected sterile oil back into the legit bottles and carefully sealed them back up.

I’d drop him as a source b/c one way or another he screwed you.

yeah im thinking grossly underdosed. the dude i get it from is no where near smart enough to extract the real gear and replace it with sterile oil, believe me.

oh well, i have access to some ug stuff now so its all good. i guess ill know if it was real or not when i do my next test cycle.

and while we are on the subject i have to say that i cant stand fake boobs. they do not give me a boner. what do you guys think?

P-Dog, fake boobs or real, if the female lets me touch’em they’re real.

As long as they’re 18.
By the way have you ever dry humped boobs? Just curious.

I agree. You should certainly feel 750mg of test per week. I used to gain 10 lbs easily in the past from creatine, not AAS. I think your stuff may be underdosed or fake.

I like both. I prefer a nice firm set of real ones though.

of course i have. but i prefer the crack of the ass. it kinda surrounds your dick like a hot dog bun.

They may look fantastic, but if they feel like shit, what’s the fun in that?

(that goes for both the boobs and the test vials)

p-dog you really are just down rigth crude sometimes. Give me abreak…real or fake? Beggars can’t be choosers.

i have to admit i prefer real tits but i like petite women more. most petite women are not blessed so trip to the doc is in order. i’ll take a 98lb tanned skin hottie with long black hair and fake tits anyday! wait a minute, i married one. anyways, about your gear. if your boxes were wrapped with holograms in place and the lote numbers match then i would say it probably real. just low quality. i would suggest going the ug route next time. golden triangle seems to be a great source. let me know if you need any help.

My girlfriends are fake but look pretty real - they are 30 FF’s in size! but at heart i’m an ass man. The girl must have a nice ass or I ain’t interested.

And regarding holograms - just because the gear has holograms, don’t think that that makes it legit. There was an UG lab in Canada called Spectro that closed down last year, but after the fact some scammers started printing new “Spectro” labels that had holograms and tried to pass them off as if Spectro had re-opened shop. So you see what my point is.

i mean i havent seen a ton of them but these looked pretty real to me. the vials of test that is.

oh yeah and ass is the most important thing anyway. as far as boobs go as long as they are big enough to bounce up and down then there good with me.

As long as I can mash them aroung my rigid prick, and pump a load in the girls face they’re big enough.


30FF’s? Wow, the best I ever did was natural DD’s. Is this chick in decent shape too?