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Real or Fake/Which is Which?

Hey ive got my hands on some tabs and can figure out what they are. i know the company they come from but dont know the product. and yes, i’ve searched and searched for answers, coming up with nothing, so please help. the tabs are square-and white. one side has t p on it, the other has 10 on it, with a slash down the middle.

i think they are all anavar, but some were suppose to be t-bol. i cant fine disciptions or pics of this companys t-bol anywhre. does the t p companys anavar and t-bol look like the same tab? they came from a friend of mine so just wondering. they are pic. #1

sorry for the quality of the pic. best i could do.they dont look like it in the pic. but they are white. somebody-anybody-please help…thanks