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Iv'e read a lot of articles and just dont get it 12 eggs in the morning tuna sandewitch? is bread and brown rice ok?? I mean iv'e ben eating them when I was bulking up and still got fat.

Do any of you know exactly how much he needs to eat specially before bed I mean im starting a diet now because my ass is getting bigger it's about 38 I just whant to stop my bulking and start cutting but I get hungry a lot specially at night I mean really hungry sometimes I feel that I need to eat and it's good for my body but just don't feel like eating tuna wight eggs or chicken breast that I eat a lot during the day so I just go with my whey protien. I really whana get red of my ass fat but hope not to lose mucsle during my diet and any ideas?


Virtually half of T-Nation has this nighttime snack:

Two scoops of Metabolic Drive mixed with a little bit of skim milk and a tablespoon or so of non-fat, sugar-free Jello brand instant pudding mix.

Mix it all up with a spoon until you get a thick paste.

Stick it in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes.

Top with some more skim milk.

You'll look forward to it every night.

Try it with butterscotch. Damn good. If you want to add some healthy fats to it, break up a handful of pecans into the mix. Taste just like pecan pie.


You're kidding right? Is this a real post? It's too early for April fools...

First- Try some punctuation.

Second- Read a [u]MINIMUM[/u] of 100 hours of documentation on this site before asking another question.

Third- Expect to get flamed so bad that your great-grandkids will feel it.


hay guyz how do i find steroid k thx bye.

^surely, the next thread in this line of questioning.

gonna try that pudding though thanks for that.


Dude, punctuation! You have way too many spaces in that -- it's far too legible.


ps that pudding i sreally good you shud tryi t with yogurt to u wo'nt regre tit
kthxbyea gain


I thought virtually everyone ate cottage cheese and peanut butter?


What flavor of Metabolic Drive and pudding mix do you like the best?


Hey guys I really like tuna eggs are best but the store says only buy dozen I say fiddlefum is that ok. Pretty flowers outside pants are tight with the waist at the ass. Any advice?


Stop wearing your girlfriend's pants, and using the word "fiddlefum". Both acts could (and should) lead to getting your ass kicked. By your girlfriend.


And chocolate Metabolic drive and flax seeds.

a night time staple for me. Its basically like most peoples desert except Its got protein and hardly any sugar.


LOL. Funny guy.