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Real Men of Genius


Can someone find this actual commercial online for me? I'd really appreciate a link.


It could be an audio only commercial. They have a few real commercials but a ton of radio play ones. This one may be an audio only one unless you've actually seen it on tv.


I'm sure it is audio only, but i can't find the audio anywhere.


I love those commercials. I haven't heard the Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas one but just from reading it I can voice it out in my head and its just as hilarious as the others.

doogie, if you can find a place that has em, let me know.


You can find all of them here:

The audio ones are under real men of genius.


Your wish is my command:

But you won't find the Texas one. Judging from the comments there, nobody has been able yet to locate it.


Found it...


If that doesn't work, send me a PM, I've got it on my hd.