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Real Men are Now Fashionable


According to the world of fashion, men who have some heft and look older than 15 are now the in thing in fashion. Perhaps that marks the end of skinny jeans.


Well glad being a man is back in style again.


I like it better when it wasn't in style. Made me seem tougher.


If it doesn't include a wifebeater and sandals I don't give a fuck.


I have more than enough heft and am very far from 15...so I guess I'm now the most fashionable thing on Earth.


It is VERY important to me what a couple thousand people in New York and LA think is fashionable...

And not a moment too soon. Rugged looking men with strong jaws and a five oclock shadow were really hurting for attention from women all this time....



^Lol honestly I still thought those guys from that link still looked metro as hell


I saw skinny jeans on what had to be a 6 year old kid the other day. He was with his mom and I was filling up my tank at the gas station. I was kind of surprised they made skinny fit for little kids, but otherwise not taken a back by the sight.

Now, if he had on a 3 piece suit with a scribbed on beard, I would have thought "WTF".


I didn't know it was ever unfashionable for men to appear to be masculine.


Heh. Fashion is fleeting. Style is eternal. Wear what you like, look damn good doing it, and fuck the rest.

Edit: Wow, I must have been totally out of touch with fashion to not have noticed that the boy-toy look was in for so long. So much the better... I'm not wasting my time with that.


fashion for men: jeans and t-shirts on a regular day, suits and shirts while working and out. EOD


This directly contradicts an article they put out a week or so ago. They were talking about how their male models aren't over 160. Very schizo, NYT.


Interesting. By Fashionable they of course mean "High Fashion"

And as a totally forum non-relevant point the first male supermodel is Marcus Schenkenberg. Not this Jeff Aquilon character.

Here he is with his ex-girlfriend Pamela Anderson.

(you guys look carefully its the guy laying down UNDER Pam. See? No, look carefully can you see that there is a man in that picture?)


Hey Fed, where did you get your avatar from? That pic has me laughing every time I look at it.


You guys do realize that this is from the NYT fashion section, right? High fashion is very different from the real world. This doesn't have much to do with what people wear on the street. (Maybe it means that male models will get a season or two when they're not pressured so hard into starving themselves.)


That's actually him. You should see his baby pics.



I hope this doesn't result in a massive influx of emo gay skinny dudes at the gym... oh wait.


Depends on what street you are walking down. Just check out the NY Fashion Week.
There is a trickle down effect to "everyday" people based on what top end designers are doing. If one of our buyers sees something he or she likes, you can bet our designers are sketching out specs right away. There is a huge trend for name brand designer fashions at consumer friendly prices, look at Target and HM. Remember, trends are aimed at the average person, not the guy who eats like it's his job and lifts 5 days a week. From what I've seen (regarding the body shape and size of male models) for the Spring and Fall 2011 styling guides, the guys are still pretty skinny.


You have to admit that the jersey shore guys at least represent for muscleheads. Fashionable and not girly skinny shits.


I lol'ed