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Real Life Wedding Crashers

If you’ve ever went to a wedding and absolutely destroyed this sacred event, I want to hear about it, damn it.

I’m sure some of you have some pretty good stories so share them.

I just wonder how many pinheads tried to have a go at it after that movie came out.

One time at my friend’s sister’s wedding when the marriage guy asked if anyone has any objections to this union let this speak now or forever hold their peace, I attepted to be funny and made some lame remark that wasn’t exactly a hit (to say the least). i feel really bad and stupid about it now.

Well, a few weeks after my buddy got engaged we went out and long story short he tagged some fat chick in the back of my truck while I drove. Does that count for crashing a wedding?

I went to a wedding at a country club/golf course… and just so happened to have my golf clubs in the car… and just so happened to bring my shoes… and disappear for a couple hours and get back in time for the food and fun.