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Real Life Super Hero in Seattle


and he is part of an 8 man team.


uh... I really hope no one shoots this guy.



A mentally ill man has watched Kick Ass, we knew it would happen eventually, and it will not end well.


This is great and I hope it catches on.


You know what this reminds me of?

The scene in Dark Knight where the copy cat Batman (Batmen?) are hung from their necks by the Joker.


X2, We need a lot more of this. I hope the cops don't mess with him for "vigilantism" or whatever. Hell at the very least it's a set of eyes out there who aren't going to look the other way when something is going down. Make that 8 sets of eyes. They aren't getting paid, the citizens of that city should start a donation drive or something, encourage more of this.



.... eagerly awaiting someone to post a clip of a very large, muscular, costumed black man, toting a dentist drill and a tank of N2O-O2, cleaning up the mean streets of Greater Houston.....



It is different, but I think it's cool. Like others have said, extra sets of eyes can't hurt.


or stabs him in the gut, which will cause him to stumble in the street, only to get hit by a car.


Well, I live in Seattle and I was listening to the radio and Phoenix Jones called in on that particular day because he'd been on the news the day before. At the same time he was talking with the radio show hosts, he was also trying on his kevlar/bulletproof/stabproof neck-to-knees body armor.

He's at least somewhat prepared for this role.






A few years ago in my own town, a cop got badly beaten by a guy he was trying to arrest. It happened on a busy street in broad daylight. The paper reported that dozens of people drove or walked by but no one did anything to step in and help.

I've always wished superheroes actually existed. Hope this starts a trend.


Nice job on the news telling people where to find one of the guys so they can beat him the old fashioned way...to death.

Also, theres open carry in washington, why is he just carrying a taser?


Maybe the self defense laws suck, and using a gun would send him to jail.

Not in Michigan. Any use of up to deadly force is authorized, with no duty to retreat, if a person doing the shooting/stabbing/running over with car is not committing a crime themselves and is not trespassing. If they feel they they, or anyone else is in danger of death, grave bodily harm, or sexual assault.

Even better, if it is covered under the self defense act, you're immune for criminal prosecution, and if the dirtbags family decided to sue you in civil court, the judge will toss it and make them pay your legal fees (as required by above mentioned self defense act)

Since 2006, these civil lawsuits have become almost non-existent in MI.

Also, being a 'superhero' might be construed in a court as out looking for trouble. If I go out looking to find someone trying to hurt someone just to shoot them, I'm not really covered by the self defense act (I think)


This is awesome. There are obviously dangers, but it's risk versus reward - he's risking his life for the principle of taking back the freedom to walk around the streets at night, not only for himself but for others too. It's an idea that I love, and would definitely consider doing something like this myself.

In fact an idea like this would probably be a better deterrent to criminals in the UK, where guns are a problem, but not nearly as widespread as in the US. The risk of being shot would be far smaller in the UK - most confrontations with criminals would probably involve melee weapons, especially in smaller towns and cities, if a confrontation happened at all. Like he says in the video, the idea is to use the presence the suit affords you to draw attention and scare criminals away. The population might react very differently to it though!



They already did a movie about this guy.


Better than where I live. On my way to work yesterday I saw a guy walking around dressed like a fucking hobbit.