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Real Life Simpsons Intro


I thought this was very clever. It's the intro to the Simpsons done in real life. The consistency is pretty impressive.



that's awesome




pretty cool stuff


That was really cool!



Is there any way I can download this?


Very well done!


As it's playing in the window, right click on it. Go to properties. At the bottom it will say location and have an address that ends in wmv. Type this address in your browser (or copy and paste), Windows Media Player should open playing the file. When it does, go to file and save as. Get it?


That was awesome! Very Cool!


Bigger versions and different formats here:



Cool AND distrubing at the same moment. Its mind boggling.


Didn't work in Firefox, but it does in Internet Explorer. Thanks for the tip!


Thats a UK ad and that is the first time i have ever seen that.

They really got the camera angles right, and Bart was even left handed

I wonder if a Lada is the equivilent of what Homer drives?