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Real Life Pineapple Express



Its actually sorta a shame this is getting destroyed. Whoever put that together did a really good job.


That's a shame.

But Pineapple Express isn't a real strain. It's just a way to get idiots to pay more to regular bud.


I never said it was a real strain.. I was just referring to the fact that it was a high tech underground bunker


Who knows if it's real or not. There's over 400 strains of weed that have been produced by many different growers.


He's not mentioning anything about that strain of weed. He's mentioning Pineapple Express because the movie featured an enormous underground weed-growing operation, just like this one.

Pay attention, ya stoner! =P


Sigh...they need to legalize this shit already.




The last quote of the article was retarded -

"This is not a harmless or victimless crime. The marijuana being grown in our backcountry will put money and weapons in the pockets of criminals. It's that simple."


It's largely true.


Yup your paying for my guns.


It's true.
However, it's only true because it's not legal.
If it was legal and strictly regulated by the government, these problems would all go away.


And idiots like Artem would stop getting their shit stolen.


Shut the fuck up already. I got all my shit back. I fucked up and I admitted to it. We can move on now.


The only way that would work is if both the US and Canada legalized it. The problem is that we are pretty much trading our weed for cocaine. There is actually a bit of a drug war going on right now.


Artem, go to your original thread and update us all on HOW you got your shit back. You didn't call the cops, did you?


Fuck weed.


I had seen a big hydroponic operation about 10 years ago in very rural upstate NY. Probably the most exotic weed I've ever sampled and seen cultivated. It is a huge industry and the local law looks the other way for a cut. Nothing new, they are all over the country and obviously the world.



A couple days ago, cops found over 50.000 weed plants in a massive field somewhere. Without asking any questions, they immediately started destroying the plants. After they annihilated about 1/3 of the plants, they got a call as to who the plants belonged to.

They belonged to a university which was going to do studies on the effects of weed on the body etc...

Great. A cool 2-2.5 million euros gone.


In 1995 I was in the Army and flying drug missions for the DEA in Colorado/Utah.
While I personally didn't find it, I did get to see a similar setup in NE Colorado that was smaller (about 8,000 plants) and nowhere near the sophistication of this one. We accidentally found it while searching for an escaped convict. We were using infrared and the heat from the "farm" left a big ass indicator on the ground. They never found who owned it, but they did confiscate it all.

And I totally agree that it should be made legal.


It won't ever be dropped, this is the internet.

Number one rule on the internet: Don't post anything you don't want people to remember.