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Real Life Jurassic Park

Are we playing God? :http://scienceray.com/earth-sciences/paleontology/jurassic-park-a-reality-are-we-playing-god/

You wouldn’t happen to have another source would you?

…heh - I wouldn’t particularly trust that site, I found this recommended on the bottom


I decided to look further into this, and found another article that was similar, and was a little more scientific. Unfortunately it was on a site that also had articles about UFO’s and other strange stuff.

But these 2 scientists have discovered teeth in a chicken, which was written up in Scientific American, and I have seen a discussion about how it would be possible to modify a bird of some sort to look more like a dinosaur. (Although they mentioned the emu as a possible choice since it already had more of a dinosaur look to it already.)

But apparently the question was “Are we playing God?”

My answer is “Sure, why not?”

I saw something on the history channel where they fooled with an unborn chicken’s dna and activated dormant genes. It grew teeth and a dinosaur-like tail. Of course it never hatched and died, but it was an interesting experiment.


an article I found on it about the same 2 scientists.

Cool stuff guys thanks.