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Real Life Highlander At Johns Hopkins University


There can only be one!



"He says the man died on the scene, but police are not yet releasing his name."

I know his name!
Puts cassette into tape player.


Duncan McLeod would have cut his head off, not his hand. And he would have used a Claymore, not a Samurai sword. Sounds more like he was emulating Samurai Jack. :slightly_smiling:


The Macleods both used Samurai swords. Duncan's was a copy of Connor's sword that he inherited from his mentor, Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez when he was beheaded by the Kurgan in 1542.


I know Duncan, he goes for the head....always!

D-MAC would wreck this kid


Holy shit....must have been a horrific mess of blood.

Billy: "Fuckin' a, have to go to court and take care of some outstanding parking tickets fml!"

Johnny: "Yeah I'm bummed out also brah, have go to court because of a small incident that involved my samurai sword, decapitation and DEATH"


Did you even watch the Highlander TV series? He might have used a Claymore or something similar in his younger days but later in life it was a katana just like Conner in the movies.


Ok, so I was wrong about the sword. Fact is, he still would have taken off the guy's head. What I do love is how so many of you got all upset and up in arms about a joke. Or am I wrong about what a smiley face means, these days?


In my defense I do have a mild Highlander obsession, and I consequently feel the need to set the record STRAIGHT!! In other news, I saw you uploading pictures the other day and was really impressed with your physique. Looking huge, bother. Go give Professor X a run for his money! :wink:


If I were an immortal--especially one of the ancients--I think I would tire of decapitating people with swords. I'd be one the bad immortals who cheats by blowing you away with an AK when you least expect it. Then, while you're stunned, I'd finish the job with a chainsaw. Or maybe a weed-wacker.

I'd also videotape the whole thing and post it on youtube.


Thanks. I am actually leaning out right now and dropping bodyfat before I start putting it back on. I would like to get back up to 255 or so, but much leaner.


I am glad to read this story, this is how dirty people need to get when dealing with scum like this.


Yeah, but our wussy society is going to charge the student with something because the burgular-fuck was unarmed.


boobies you say? yes i do love them!


Name of girl in avatar. You give me. Now.


I would claim that I saw him reach for something that looked like a weapon. I would not prosecute this guy, fuck him, this is what happens when you break into the wrong guy's home.


Do you think a lightning storm broke out in the garage and he gained the soul and power of the man defeated?



Would you also gain his smack/crack addiction as well.


So you are saying you would pull an Xavier St. Cloud? Did I just earn some Highlander-nerd street cred?



150 geek points for you. Enjoy :slight_smile: