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Real Life Bouncer Training?


I would like to know what do other professional bouncers do to prepare for their job fighting/controling difficult clients wise.
How do you fit your training around doing night shift?
What do you focus on?


Be wary of this poster. He is a troll.


Watch Roadhouse.


We have a bouncer in town who is 6'6" 280lb-300lbs. Do you really think he needs training?


300 workout


(1)Wake up,(2) Watch Roadhouse,(3) drink a beer/whey recovery shake,(4) head to the bar... repeat steps one through four the next day.


all you need


I follow this protocol as well when moonlighting as a bouncer. Highly effective for getting in tip top bouncer shape.



Actually,yes,he does.There are dangerous people out there who wouldnt be intimidated by his size coz they are either armed or well-trained.


Lol I like your style.


Thats just conditioning.


Setting him up


"Everyone under estimates a kick to the groin." Bas Rutten.

Dude there are three essential rules.

1) Never underestimate your opponent.
2) Always take it outside.
3) Always be polite.

The 4th unspoken rule
Never trust a cocktail waitress.




Dinamo prvi, Ivan Pavao II. Hajduk petnaesti, Benedikt XVI.


Dinamo Pancevo or Dinamo Bukurest? :)))


So you wouldn't be intimidated by a bear if your well-trained. Basically what you'll be fighting.


i wanna be a bouncer when im older cuz im big and that sounds like hardass job
i was told you need actual training to be bouncer. like you have to go to a bouncer school
my vice principal was a bouncer


The only bouncer school I ever went to was at my house. My friend told me watch Roadhouse come back here and sign up. Swear to God. Of course there is on the job training like ID checking and other shit but no formal training so to speak.