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Real Life Anime Action


Ok, I wouldn't believe this if there wasn't actual footage of this....





Why is it the one MattyG35 posted seems more realistic?


That is truly amazing. It's things that people like this guy can do that make us constantly re-evaluate what constitutes humanely impossible.


It's BS. His partner probably signals before he shoots and they've probably practiced this many times. Partner probably shoots the same place over and over and they just timed it so the sword swing would hit the BB. He closes his eyes as he does the swing. It's not like he's watching the BB the whole time. It would be like playing baseball and closing your eyes as soon as the pitcher releases the baseball, swinging and hoping you hit. There's no telling how many times they shot the BB gun either. But he can sure pull his sword out of the sheath quickly.


I was about to say something similar Grimlorn. Like to have some sniper professional, or someone of that caliber to do this with. The shooter is probably aiming it at a spot they've rehearsed many a time.


Same dude, more stuff and overexcited japanese people.


So how come he still can't drive a car properly?!??


This video has nothing to do with the others, but is also a Real Life Anime Action video of a guy using chi or ki to hit people from far away. It's pretty funny.


I guess you could say the MMA guy could CHI-less


Haha fuckin laughed my cock off!


That video with the Qi Gong fighter guy is so funny. Looks like the fool believed his own bullshit.


Doctor: "This is about processing at an entirely different sensory level" LOL


On an entirely different note. I would absolutely fuck the Dr. Six ways from Sunday.


holy fuck, i always believed rurouni kenshin and bleach were real!


Big deal, today I almost dropped a pencil and caught it before it fell off the desk!


Shit. That happened to me but i dropped the pencil! You must be on an entirely different sensory level than me.


Here, here.


You could practice this a million times and still not be able to do this. Especially outside where the slightest breeze can effect the movement of the bb in any direction. Even an imperfection in the bb itself could cause it to go off course. No, this dude has a talent no one on this board has.