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Real Gym(s) Near Edisto Beach, SC?


Fine people,

I find myself on vacation right in the middle of a contest prep.

Anyone know of a powerlifting worthy gym near Edisto Beach/Island S.C.???

Thank you all.


That's a pretty tall order man ... I've never stayed there (or needed a gym there), but that whole area is pretty remote in terms of almost anything found in "normal" civilization ...like one restaurant, one grocery store, etc ... No real towns to support a commercial gym. I could be wrong, but it would be a small miracle to find one there.

Assuming you don't want to trek to Charleston during your vacation, as much as I hate to say it your best bet might be finding a crossfit gym somewhere in the area....like Starbucks, they seem to be everywhere now



Thanks! I thought as much.

We set up the vacation and then I'm "hey, they posted a contest in July!"


If I find one, I can drop a few deadlifts and fit right in.


Yeah, I know it's frustrating not being able to find a decent gym while traveling - even on vacation, but especially with a comp on the horizon ...

Charleston or Orangeburg would be your best bets if you just want to get 1 or 2 in during your vacation ... Both about an hour away, give or take

On a positive note, I've never been but have heard nothing but good things about Edisto .... Very laid back, beautiful, and relaxing

Enjoy your vacation!


Used to go to Disney area once per year for work and so brought the family and made it a fractional vacation. There was a great gym in Kissimmee. Squat racks, lots of weights, can't remember the name but a real gym. One year I go to it and there are no collars for the bars, weights are scarce. They stopped allowing chalk and cornstarch. They have a day care and a room where a bunch of women are dancing.

So goes the world.

And thanks so much for the good words, the kind thoughts.