Real Gym in Toronto?

I’m currently at Goodlife (in Kingston and Toronto) because of a deal I get through my school. However when I move back to Toronto for good, after this semester I’d love to find a proper no-nonsense gym. I don’t really need plasma screen TV’s or a cardio studio that’s 3x bigger than the free-weight section.

Anyone know of a good powerlifting gym in Toronto (downtown/midtown/uptown) and / or Kingston? Or at the very least a gym that has more than 2 squat racks?

I’d love to find a place where I can do an olympic lift without knocking out the punk next to me as he inadvertently walks into my bar while trying to load up his olympic bar for rack curls.

Any help would be appreciated!

The Goodlife at Kennedy and Ellesmere has a several racks (One good one), and awesome bars (Ivanko and Texas), but it’s still a goodlife, and they really frowned on people actually powerlifting there.

Alfie’s at Danforth and Jones has an ageing oly platform in the back, and good atmosphere, but they lack a decent power rack. Prices are good.

Variety Village (Danforth and Warden) has an actual Olympic lifting club training there, and a decent facility (Ask at the counter if you are using some real weights, there is a good power bar hiding in the back). There are a lot of casual folk there too, and I know a couple of squat-rack-curling stories from there, but the casuals keep the price reasonable.

The Dynamic Conditioning Center (www dccentres ca) in Yonge at Wellington is a great facility, but is a coached business model, so might be out of your price range as a student. Worth a look though! I’ve always had good dealings with them.

If you are interested in powerlifting and competing, shoot me a PM and we’ll set up a time for you to visit the Anvil: It’s a garage gym, but the best place to powerlift in Toronto.

I’ve actually done a couple sessions at DCC w/ my rugby team. Great place, but it’s a bit pricey.

I might have to look into some of the others you told me about though…


great info for me as im moving there in april!!

Ill also be looking for work as a CPT also.

There’s Venice Gym at Warden and St. Clair which has a lot of strong guys and dumbells up to 140 lbs.

I go to Fitness Connection at Don Mills and Eglinton. It has 3 racks and lots of new equipment. I rarely have to wait to use equipment.

There’s more choice in Mississauga from what I hear though.