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Real Gear Lifting

Whats up every body, hope all is well? I want to buy some real gear through mail order so i can realy size up on the rack and wanted some insights from experienced lifters......need some straps and glovges also other gear so PM me if you can help. Thanks and have a great day!!


What kind of "gear" would that be eh?


do you need A DRAWING??




what the bloody hell...



I need spandex shorts with green liners. You guys know where i can find some gear?


Shorts you can get at a store, the gear that goes in the shorts you were supposed to be born with.


Jokes aside if you can guide me it would be appreciated.......


Nobody knows what the hell you're talking about.

If you're asking how to train when using anabolic agents, you should train the same way you do when you're clean. It'll just work better.


Never mind. Are you asking where to buy gloves and straps and stuff? You shouldn't use either.

Go to elitefts.com for training equipment. If you can't find it there, you shouldn't ought to have it.


I want to odrder anabolics!


Nice pic by the way........Thought everyone would catch the GEAR part. Sorry


This is the sort of thread that should be deleted by mods the second it pops up.


Thats why i was fussing the gear......anyways sorry for the disruption, thought i was on The Site to finally not get ripped off....


"realy size up on the rack"

Are you asking where you can order breast implants from?


What the hell makes you think this is a source-trading forum?

Either you're just another troll, or worse, an incomplete idiot.

You've yet to live up to a complete idiot.


You guys are great. I'm new to posting but been observing the site for months. Alot of good stuff here. I think this dude's on the wrong site. He's looking for gears. I think he needs to get on a motorcycle site.



Totally legit.


every one be on the look out.... just got word there is fake straps, gloves and "some other gear"....make sure you do your research!!!!!