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Real football (British,played with feet!)

For all UK T-men. I still cant decide who’s going to get relegated between Man Utd and Liecester!

I’d give my left nut for Man Utd to get relegated but it aint gonna happen and we both know it!!

Hey,as a MU fan,let me give u a spoon so u can eat my ass!!!

Well, my Liverpool are off to a slow start. Istill can’t get over England’s 5-1 victory over Germany. Any Bolton supporters?

There can be no clear fave for the title this year. Everybody seems to be slipping up. The usual suspects (Arsenal, Man Utd etc…) are in with a shot, but what is stopping a very sound looking Aston Villa from stealing some of the limelight. They’ve been the most impressive performers so far, I think, given the opposition and the results they’ve had.

As for relegation, I don’t think much can save Leicester and Everton. Southampton are probably in the picture in a big way too. Also, I guess we’ll see the promoted teams drop off as the season progresses.