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Real fast fat loss advice needed

Im starting the real fast fat loss routine, but am doing it in addition to my heavy resistance training, and had some questions.

Im currently trying a two-a-day program, of M,W,F. The morning workouts are my heavy training, and the evening workouts are the real fast fat loss routines.

My “heavy” workouts, are either 10x3, 5x5, or 3x10, and include an upper body push, pull, and a full body movement. Also, i alternate the movement plane.

Lastly, ive been trying to eat better, and am trying a carb cycling diet. I start out on monday, with no carbs other than vegetables, and as the week goes on add other carbs including fruits and starchy carbs. W,F post workout shakes and meals will contain simpler carbs.

Although i am “restricting” carbs, i am in no way on a calorie restricted diet. I’ll eat as much as I can of the foods I choose.

***Note, my goals are not strictly fat loss. Instead they are long term muscle growth and fat loss. I know this will be reflected primarily in my nutrition intake.

So heres my questions:

  1. The RFFL program says to use the heaviest weights you can use to complete all the reps with. Since im also including other weight training, should I use lighter weights during the RFFL complexes.

2.) Should I lower the volume in either the RFFL routines, or my weight training

3.) Or should i just man up, and push through it for 2-3 weeks, and then do a good 1 week deload.

Thanks in advance.

I used the real fast fat loss principles to help get me down from 190 to 160 by combining the prescribed 3 RFFL workouts with one additional strength day with 7-10 sets of doubles and/or triples for squats, bench, and wide pullups.

So I guess my suggestion is to lessen the volume on your heavy lifting, and follow the program like it’s written, you still get to do 5x5 once a week.

Oh and do try the tabata bike sprints, I fell in love with them and use still use them once a week almost a year later.