Real Estate Investing

I have seen some recent articles in Fortune and in a NY magazine that the current RE market is inflated and may crash like tech stocks did a while ago. I am currently moving to OR this weekend but I have noticed that in Las Vegas that the market peaked about a year ago and prices are starting to come down. People are still making a large profit here just not what they were getting about a year ago.

Does anyone think the bottom will fall out of the RE market in the short term. My current strategy is to buy in the next six months and build my equity to buy rental properties with a lease to own strategy. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery would be appreciated, also feel free to PM me.

there’s a pretty nice thread called " housing bubble" in the politics/world issues forum.

Moving to OR from where?

I am from Arizona . I have not heard that Las Vegas’s market is in decline.I do know that Phoenix’s growth rate has slowed.

You should be good going to OR, the markets are comparable and will not go wild on you.