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Real Effect behind Glycogen Reset during Cut

Here’s the scoop:

I’m about to start a cut cycle and try to get my carbs below 30g for a competition in about 8 weeks.

I’ve heard arguments for and against a “carb refeed” to resupply glycogen and reset the metabolism.

How crucial is the refeed to a continuing, healthy metabolism during a cut?

If it is, would you take a “refeed day” every two weeks, once a week?

Almost a year ago I cut down using a low/no carb approach. Fat loss was coming fine and I never did a refeed. I figured, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Unfortunately, my fatloss stalled and I had to incorporate weekly refeeds to shed more fat. Then I had to do crazy carb manipulations throughout the week to lose another pound. I say, refeed at least every 2 weeks.

I’ve heard CT say that as you get super lean you need MORE refeed days cause when BF gets that low, your body really, really does not want to lose any more fat. There was a good article on here about leptin, might be worth checking out. Forget the exact name though…

Its highly individual, I agree with elusive start with a low carb approach for a week or two and assess your fat loss. If you are having trouble shedding some lbs I would reefed once a week, preferably a day before a tough workout. If that does not work than you may need 2-3 refeeds a week.