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"Real Driver of Muscle Growth", Working Sets?

I found this article really interesting, especially since I’ve been doing more work than this for quite a while. It makes me re-think whether I was using all that time productively.

Regarding the sets used, I assume we’re talking about working sets, right?

So the magic number is 7.5.

Working sets yes.

And there is no magic number of “sets” per say.

There’s possibly an ideal number of stimulating reps per session however. :wink:


Most likely in that range yes.

I read a study that found on a weekly basis 100 reps was too much. The sweet spot was somewhere between 50 and 80. That makes sense. 8x8 = 64. Somewhere around there seems to be good.

Multi joint movement: Easy set, moderate set, hard set, failure set with possible intensity technique. So 2 hard sets (hard and failure set)

Isolation: could be 1 hard set with two ramping sets.

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Which one was that? 80 is still too much however I also don’t look at the “training week” anymore as I think it’s not the best way to approach things either.

I am about to do the program from the article exactly as it written: 3 times a week,24 weeks, reps ranges etc.
But I have problem with right shoulder from volleyball. Is there any replacement for upright row? I was doing this exercise and because of my injury from volleyball i can’t stand that pain, even with ez, Smith or cable, it’s same.
Thank you

Side laterals.

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