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Real Deal?

Can anyone verify


Would be a big help.

They have got some great prices on some items and not so great on others, but I haven’t used them or heard about their reliability. I tried checking them with BD and they didn’t turn up, so right now I don’t trust them, but if you find out otherwise let me know.

The fact that they don’t have their contact details is a bit of a concern. The web page design is also another concern - a bit on the budget side.

I didn’t think that they were that cheap. You may be better off buying from a more known source.

Thanks for the tips. The $100 minimum order kinda shook me the wrong way and yea the site looked a little cheesy. But they are a registered supplier with British Dragon so I guess I got to roll the dice.

Please let me know how it all turns out. I am back in the game after a good year layoff and I am looking for some new sources online. I used pmeds.com in the past. I found them kind of expensive. If anyone has any good site please let me know.