Real Deal or No Deal?

A friend of mine purchased a PGH called Powerdrol. I brought it to the attention of a friend who is familiar with this subject… told me that it is essentially chemically identical to Superdrol, has anyone heard of Powerdrol or taking it? gains? anything? thanks.

2alpha-17 alpha-dimethyl-5 alpha-androst-3-one

No Deal

Is it working for your friend?

he said in over the past 3 weeks he’s gained 7lbs…i believe the guy he got it from said to cycle off after the 4th and start his pct

Then I’d say to some extent it does work. If it is chemically identical to, and thus is, superdrol then I’d say go for it. If it is a slightly different chemical than superdrol so it can be marketed as a different compound then it could provided to be quite toxic, as many of these slightly modified hormones/pro-hormones end up like this.