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Real Caloric Needs to Maintain?


It has been a pretty long time since I've posted here. A lot of changes have been made in my life in regards to all aspects, not limited to training. If anyone on here remembers me...last I really was posting, I was competing in power lifting and had done a meet at 181 lb for USAPL collegiate states. As of now..this is DEF a thing of the past. I'm prepared to get bitched at and flamed for this. I am currently 140lbs. I fluctuate below this when I wake up in the morning to about 137-138lbs.

Reasons for this?? I have been training this last 7-8 months for A. Distance running and B. Plans to submission wrestle at about 64kg

Yes..I realize aerobic activity like that of long distance running is catabolic..and this sucks yes. Somehow I have managed to keep some form or atleast of appearance of muscularity and really lost a great deal of body fat over these last 7-8 months. BUT..I still feel I'm slowly losing weight...now much slower than before, but still. I have increased my food intake, but usually this will result in me going up to far over a period of a week.

My training is 6 days a week. I do weight train..but as a means of anaerobic endurance with little rest and moderate weight. I do 3 days of weight training like this. I do one day of pure jump training...one day is set aside specifically for one hour sessions of shadow-boxing (which i just like to do)or drills used to keep endurance for grappling situations. On top of this..I run 3-4 miles usually 4 days a week, sometimes 3 days a week. I really suck at trying to figure my caloric needs to maintain my weight, continue to improve body composition and stay strong for my weight. Here is a sample of what I eat:

Breakfast: Ezekial sprouted wheat bread toasted, two tablespoons naturally more peanut butter, one banana, one orange, coffee

Snack: Unsalted nuts, 1% plain greek yogurt

Lunch: 1/2 cup cooked Quinoa, black beans, vegetables

Post-workout Shake: 25g hemp protein, banana, 1/2 cup oats, tablespoon of honey

Dinner: Eggplant parm, some form of green vegetables, salad with olive oil and vinegar.

Later snack: Greek yogurt or unsalted cashews or mixed nuts.

As you can tell from the diet above...I do not eat meat..which I'm sure I'll also receive a flaming for. This is a sample of one particular day. I completely understand how this seems to be a small amount of food...I remember 2-3 years ago, I'd think this was a females diet. What needs to be understood is..at 5'8", almost always being above 160lbs atleast since age 18..I do not believe this is my natural weight.

Therefore, I have to be very calorie conscious to stay where I am...But now I'm starting to dip below 140lbs in mornings and that's worrying me. I need advice on how someone training like I am without the intention of gaining real mass should be eating. I'm good at figuring how much I need to really GAIN or to really LOSE..anything in between I suck.


Your the only one that can work this out at this point. Most people in your position would start by increasing the portion size of one meal that they are currently eating, evaluate the results over a weeks time. If more food is needed, then select another meal and increase it's portions, and so on.


was doing the same thing as you at one point I was 5'8 140 and long distance running for school.

the guy above is right if you are losing weight eat a little more and if you start gaining weight cut down. And take a multivitamin everyday.


It's totally a chick diet. And I worry that if not eating animals and taking their power will hurt you with your grappling.

What's your protein target? I'd probably shoot for at least 150g at your bodyweight. And you'd need a mess o' carbs to support all that training.

And just bump of the cals a bit, maybe add some protein to breakfast or dinner. You're going to fluctuate up and down a bit, and that's no big deal, just keep making small adjustments.