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Real Breathing Squats


You gotta give it to him. nobody else on this site can do squats like these....


What the fuck?






Ok he may be a wee bit crazy, but his heart is in the right place.


weird. Maybe his other hobby is pearl diving or something... What a weirdo


Clearly, the man's secret is the derby he is wearing on his head. I'm surprised you all missed it.

I, myself, prefer to wear a fez when I squat......but to each their own.


This is filmed in CEYMS gym Norwich, the first place I ever trained. The guys an absolute fruit cake. Him and his son put photos of themselves and union jack flags all over the walls without asking anyones permission. Its a shame theres so many idiots training there because its a quality little underground gym.


I also have it on good authority that Prof X squats with a raspberry beret on, and that it brought his squats up by an easy 100 lbs.

I'm also told that balancing a shoe on one's head works wonders.


Everybody seems to miss the point, that he blew a water bottle up so that i burst.

Funny to see this moved to the "Get a life" - section.

I tought all mods on this site were dead, as this site along with many other forums don't carry
much value anymore. Most of the posts are just bullshit. :slight_smile:

I'm more impressed by this lad then many others. If he's a fruitcake, that's just cool. Some people need to be eccentric. How boring it would be if everyone was "normal". :slight_smile:

-- stallion


It warms my heart to know he's from England, God bless him. Shine on, you crazy diamond.


Not only is that a very impressive feat, even more so at that age. But he is doing it to raise money for cancer research.


all I saw was a zercher squat


Did you miss the bit where he blows up the hot water bottle?

Go to 2:48 to see what Ronnie Coleman would sound like if he was old and British.



I'm pissed that he didn't black out.


Apparently 'hard training' is English English for 'light weight'.


Also, this guy looks just like my great uncle Frankie.