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Real Batpod, Tron Light Cycle


Hey prof check this out

http://parkerbrotherschoppers.com/ you can replace your bike with a tron light cycle or a batpod that is awesome



I want that Tron Cycle so fucking bad.



And now for the sum of 55k you can own one.




For the last time, The Wonder Twins DO have to wear the purple leotards. Don't get pissed at me. That comes straight from those blue people the Green Lantern answers to.


55.000 dollars you say? That's very cheap, considering you'll have the most awesome bike in the world.


It bet it makes turns for shit though. No point in riding a bike that can't turn right or left.


i want one


Check it out


If I had one of those, I drive around in a cape and a superman outfit.


im a superman fan too so i feel ya, but dont you think that a batman outfit would look so much cooler?? or like wolverine or deadpool or something?


The guy test driving it is too short and too skinny to make it look bad ass.


I saw this technology on some linear drive systems that a friend of mine works with similar to a rail gun.

I wonder if you could configure that mounted on a ring (rim) to create a bike propelled by electromagnetic force at speeds similar to a rail gun by having the projectile fixed to the frame and the rails on the rim turning about an axle.

That would be a real screamer. (the bike would be close to silent, but the person on it would be going a couple thousand feet per second.)


where do i sign??


What the fuck did you just say?


I really just wanted the cape but the nearly lying down position is pretty close to how superman flies.


Blah blah blah a rail blah blah gun some more blah couple 1000 feet per second blah.


I don't know, but I will elaborate.

one of these- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_motor mounted to the inner circumference of a rim. Linear drive applied to an infinite (round) track. But instead of a trolley moving on it, the trolley would be fixed to the frame and the track (rim) would move.

Like this- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbNnkZx0JTo&feature=related only round.

Any science fiction or engineering types out there want to jump in? Maybe we can invent a T-Nation/tron super bike for Professor X and have Wormwood test drive it.


You call making 90 degree turns in an instant shit?!?!?! Fuck there really is no pleasing you is there?