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Real Appreciation for This Site


I was on Facebook last night and a status came up on Nick Mitchell’s site (I wont name it ) about how to squat 1000 lbs. They showed a video of some little scrawny guy doing exactly that. You press a link and it takes you to a seminar that they want you to sign up for about how to squat .

Now the problem with this video is that they are using reverse bands. Not easy to see first up but after a few looks you can clearly see that this is a video of someone training with reverse bands.

Someone wrote how can this guy with chicken legs squat that? I replied with words to the effect of, " He didn’t . He used reverse bands. Perhaps they were just having a joke."

I get back on today and my post has been deleted and I can no longer comment on Nick’s site. Pretty upsetting as I read everything he puts up and have bought his 2 books.

I have no idea why he has blocked me as it is obvious in the clip that the lifter is using reverse bands and no way on earth a little skinny guy could ever in his wildest dreams lift 1000lbs.

So I just think I’m so lucky that I came across TNation all those years ago.
That kind of shit wouldn’t happen on here yet for some reason Nick is happy to have it on his site.

Treating the readers like idiots is not on.

Anyone else have a similar experience?


lol, I’ve been on this site since '98, and despite popping on many others as well as countless social media groups over the years, this is the only place I find myself always coming back to.



For a while, I thought t-nation was dying and I really missed how much communication used to happen here. However, I recently read a post by Skip Hill on elitefts that talked about how social media is killing off the message board concept in general, and it rang pretty true. I go back to some of the boards I used to visit on other sites and it’s a ghost town there. However, I’ve always appreciated the fact that t-nation does a good job actually keeping the conversation focused on getting bigger and stronger.

I’ve been on boards where the person who came up with the best one-liner or meme was the god of the site, and the people with real information were just kind of pushed to the side. Signal to noise ratio was just awful. Here, even if the volume is low, it tends to be very high quality.

Never been kicked off a board for my opinions, but I’ve left a few because I couldn’t stand it anymore. Got into a debate on Rippetoe’s forum once, and to his credit, he never banned or blocked me.


I think I’ve been here since 2001. It’s been so long, can’t really remember. I never left even when I stopped training for several years.


Between the forums and articles, this is probably the best resource I know of.


I love him. So much.


There have been a few periods I’ve noticed where things do slow a bit. Guess it’s just part of the circle of life online. Older posters move on, newer blood trickles in,… but definitely the social media impact.

I’ve had the discussion myself before how social media has seriously changed the landscape of online forums. FB “Groups”, with admins, people replying under specific threads (similar to how the latest TN format seems to read),… but always tying back into adding “friends”, making contacts, sending private emails etc.

I’d be curious to see what the actual numbers breakdown to be pre-FB and AFB.



T-Nation was where it all started for me about 9 years ago… It was where I got introduced to strength training and a different culture of training all together.

Easily one of the most influential sites for me.