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I want to know how many of you are sick of the liberal political horse shit that gets shoved down our throat by the media and politicians. When are we as a people going to stand up and tell them to kiss our ass? When are we going to demand our children accept responsibility, learn the value of hard work, and quit coddling everyone? I see this everyday, and its getting worse. From most of the posts I’ve read on this board, y’all seem pretty straight forward. Let me know what you think. Let the revolution begin!!!

In my opinion it is a misconception that the media is liberal. If you look at the newspapers and networks, they are almost all owned by giant corporations and big businesses. These corporations do not have a “liberal slant”, if anything it is the exact opposite. For some reason the word “liberal” gets used as an insult, which is too bad. I find that what gets passed off as “liberal” nowadays is most often actually pretty moderate or centrist. The Democrats have become Repulicrats. But i do not agree with your opinion that the media is liberal. And as far as Hollywood goes, for every Barbra Streisand there is a Charelton Heston.

My favorite liberal bias in the media and culture today: Trent Lott is crucifed for his stupid, racial statement when trying to kiss a 100 year olds baggy butt; all the while the democrats have a former KKK leader in DC, WV’s Robert Byrd, yet this fact is NEVER brought up. Ever. Me see double standard? Nah, the media is always “fair and balanced.” ;o

I agree with a little of what lumpy said, but, in my opinion, for every Charleton Heston there is 5 Barbra Streisands. Yes, I am pretty sure I butchered her

Been there, done that, they didn’t give me the T shirt.

I’ve already raised my kids, the youngest will soon be 18. I already taught them about responsibility, hard work, and being tough enough to deal with life on it’s own terms. I pointed other people’s kids as bad examples. My kids are glad for the way they were raised and they fully appreciate the problems the other kids are going to have as adults in the real world.

We can either have a big revolution or just a quiet one, one family at a time. I started mine quietly, 20 years ago.

Right on, Lumpy!

And I’d like to add that I can only think of one liberal talk show host, and that’s probably dead-cat-his-head Phil Donahue. Most of conservative American gets its ammo from ol" Rush Limbaugh, who used to sell tickets for the Kansas City Chiefs before he became an expert on all things political.

And as far as Lott, “liberals” would have liked nothing better than for Lott to stay Senate Majority leader. That way, even fewer blacks would vote for Republicans than normally do.

I do believe there is some liberal bias in the news. The liberal bias of the media is proven by not what they print or report but what they don’t print and report. An example would be; the Wall Street Journal’s appeared reluctance to write anything even indirectly negative to the gay community. That is just one of many examples and the only one I can pick of the top of my head. Bye

“Evolution, not Revolution.”


Be careful with that word. Your intentions may be good, but others around you can get a little nutty. I don’t believe that the media is liberal, for reasons given by others, although it seems to be slowly turning that way, to me anyway. I don’t like liberals, or conservatives. I’m a middle path man. It’s my job to make sure you guys don’t kill each other.

Amen, SteelyEyes. Thank you!

Lumpy, I disagree with Democrats becoming “Republicrats” and that for every Barbara Streisand there’s a Charlton Heston.

I think the news media do slant to the left, being much more liberal than conservative. And as far as being owned by big corporations, yes Fox News owned by Rupert Murdoch may be conservative, but CNN, owned by Ted Turner is quite liberal in its views. One need only watch it to see.

On the subject of Hollywood, for some strange reason, many actors have taken decidedly liberal, almost bordering on insane views on many topics in America. But then again, most of them live in Fantasy Land themselves. Everything from extreme animal rights, to advocating violence to those that harm the environment, to staging unruly protests against capital punishment, and supporting efforts by radical groups to “blow up” SUV’s across the country because they cause too much pollution, Hollywood has more than dipped its toe in the pool of liberalism, its dived in head-first and soaked itself. Look up these subjects and check out the various “famous names” that back these extreme measures. You’ll be surprised who’s on the support lists.

And last, about Rush Limbaugh and the ticket selling, everyone started somewhere, some totally out of the field they now occupy and master. Rush has become a master at the art of talk show host and political persuasionist. It’s what he wanted to do and he did it, who can fault him for that? It’s just that he also happens to be very conservative.

Just because a corporation is big, or an individual is “rich”, doesn’t mean they’re always conservative. Corporations and rich people will try to buy the influence they want. Ted Turner and George Soros are rich and run large corporations, but are very liberal. Top Hollywood actors support whacko causes because it’s fashionable, and everyone else in lala land is supporting the Save the Krill from the Whales Movement, so they have to in order to keep working.

Good one, Lumpy!

Although I’m Canadian and therefore I don’t know a lot about American politics, I must say I agree with you and Steeleyes on this one BUT, responsibility, hard work are values of a progressing and healthy society, not political party ideas.

The main problem right now in North America: we haven’t anything to fight for, so many people turn to useless, meaningless causes and focus their whole life around them.

But I agree with you!

I agree with what alot of you guys say. I like to also put my 2 cents on about accepting responsibility. I think some of the blame goes toward lawyers who accept some dumb ass client with bogus claims and then work the system to get a big payout. I blame the client for even coming up with the idea and the judge and jury for even giving those two a payout instead of a beat down. Remember when we first heard of the woman who burned herself on the McD’s coffee? We all thought it was a joke but that just opened the gates. How about small personal planes. When one crashed they sued the pilot, the airport, the mechanices, and then when they didn’t get enough money they sued the company that built them. Are system allows to many stupid claims go through and it gives other people the impression that they can lay the blame on someone else and cheat the system. I knew a guy that got into a car accident (slight bumber bumping) and he complained of bogus back pain. He got like 5 Gs from it (lawyer took a part of that). I get in one, all I told the laywer was I wanted my car fix and thats all I cared about.

And my last comment when our education systems pump out more laywers than engineers than there is something wrong in our nation.

I read with great interest and if I might, I would like to add something else. First I’m in the Law business (in Quebec) so I’m quite familiar with the complains “civilians” have against the legal system.

It’s true there’s a problem with American law system and IMO it’s exarcerbate by the percentage many lawyers receive. I mean, in Quebec, lawyers work for XXX $/ hour so if someone wnat to sue, they better have some $$$ in their bank account. Now, in the US, if lawyers use more % as payment, it costs nothing (almost) for civilians to sue each other. Now that’s the main problem: people aren’t responsible for the whole cost of procedures.

Bad Lawyers have a part of responsibility so do idiots who sue McDo for making them fat(yeah like you have to go at McD 2-3 times per day…). IMO, the legal scene is really nothing more than another proof of what’s wrong in our society…

My 2 cents,


to all those who disbelieve there is any liberal slant concerning the media- Anybody recall when Packwood was utterly assaulted by the media for sexual harassment charges? yet the rape charge by Juanita Broderick and harassment charge by Kathleen Willey against Clinton was scarcely even mentioned. Now there is a book from an insider that admits the bias- Bernard Goldberg, a 28-year veteran of CBS news has a book out called 'Bias.; Bernard is a democrat who never has voted for a Republican. He claims in his book that he confronted the pres of CBS news about the slanted news, and the response he got was “All of the major news stations have a liberal bias.” His book documents the blatant slant the major networks give the news. Now Goldberg is being called a traitor and a disgrace. Note that he is being called a traitor, not a liar.

I paraphrased most of that from an article i swiped from a newspaper, i forget which one. I havent had a chance to read the book, but i would consider a 28 year veteran of the news biz and a serious Democrat calling the major media liberal a nice shot in the groin…

About 10 years ago, NBC News was doing a report on side gas tanks in Chevy trucks. There had been several reports that upon an impact from an accident, the gas tanks would ignite and blow up the vehicle. After crashing several trucks for their report, NBC was unable to produce a truck that would explode. So instead, the news crew used an ignitator in the tank so they could show a truck blowing up and sensationalize the news report.

Does that story prove that the media has a liberal bias? Perhaps not, but I do think it illustrates that the media, in this case NBC, wanted to sensationalize a story for their agenda of increasing viewers.

Another example I have witnessed of the media is with gun control legislation. Several times I have seen the media report on “hand gun waiting periods” here in California, and the news piece shows somebody shooting a machine gun. Did the legislation have anything to do with machine guns? Absolutely not, but again, to sensationalize the story, the facts were ignored or visually distorted.

In my view the media is liberal, obviously some of you disagree, but I think one thing these examples demonstrate and that we should be able to agree on, is that the media does have an agenda, even if that agenda is simply to increase their own ratings. It is our responsibility to look for the facts and not believe the first thing we hear. Checking sources, understanding the background, and making up ones own mind is essential when trying to discover the “truth,” no matter what ones political views are.