REAL Abdominal Results?

I’d like to know HONESTLY if anyone with truly disporportionate ab girth-waist ratio in their life has TRULY changed that proprtion significantly… i.e.:from a larger/protruding to a flat ripped abdominal configuration.

My observation is that those with truly flat abdominals have ALWAYS had at least a semblence of that same girth ratio… and that training/diet just improves on that pre-existing condition.

So… any success stories to the contrary?? Not that you’ve gotten your ab girth smaller, but that you’ve significantly changed the ab-waist girth RATIO… to flat abs!

Everyone has abs. It takes a diet to see them. If you do ANY abdominal work they’re there. If you work them harder, then obviously they’ll become more defined. But to see the detail a proper diet is the key.