Reagen Dies at the Age of 93

It’s a sad day today. A true president that always said what he meant; “Mr.Gorbachav tear down this wall.” Two years later wall is gone people are standing on top of it dancing on it, collecting it for souviners. The vision came true for Reagen where everyone thought Reagen was crazy he did bring the cold war to an end. Amd help tear down the berlin wall 2 years lator.

Lumpy, and other if you do not have anything nice to say ahout Ronald Reagan please don’t voice it here. And I know your going to try to bring out the Iran Contra Affair. But, don’t do it on this thread.

May he rest in peace.

Nobody is perfect but the good he did far outweighed the negative things.

Via con Dios President Reagan.

He was the first President I was old enought to vote for.

He was at the reins when the world changed.

Rest in Peace, Mr. President

God bless the Gipper! May he rest in peace.

He was my last hero!

there goes the last president that was not a member of the Global Government AKA Tri Lateral Commission

All I have to say is that he fucked us up real bad in Latin America… I hope he remembered that.


I liked Reagan.

kike - read the first post in this thread and then shut the fuck up, or start your own thread

No matter what you do there’s always some cocksucker that won’t take his hat off during the Star Spangled Banner, takes their cell phone into the theater, or can’t say one damn respectful thing about a man that’s 20 times what they’ll ever be. All it does is illustrate just how small and insignificant they must feel but it still grates on everyone else’s nerves.

Fuck you Kike.

The President is dead. Long live the President!!!

Rest in Peace Mr. Reagan. When you were at the helm, you made me damn proud to be an American.


Watching some of the clips of past speeches and interviews, I felt a profound sense of pride, patriotism, and sorrow.

A hero indeed. Rest in peace and God bless.

after today, the bar has been raised for the presidential candidates… i wonder who will come out ahead because of this…


Too bad Bush didn’t die.

Same to you —Paul—.

…I hope that he can now ride his horses again where he is…

Good Bye Ronnie, Rest in Peace.

His legacy as the man who finally caused the Soviet Union to implode is secure.

His cheerful and positive approach to leadership will be missed.

I’ll never forget when he looked at Mondale in 1984, smiled, rolled his eyes, and said, “Here we go again!” That was beautiful!!! It broke Lumpy’s heart.

Then there was the time when he said to the terrorists, “You can run, but you cannot hide.”

George could learn from watching Ronald Reagan deal with the press. There were plenty of Roy Batty’s in Reagan’s press corps. But, he charmed them and manipulated them without letting on that he was doing it. It was wonderful. He used them to push his agenda. In short, he led.

Easily the best President since FDR. He will be missed.


P.S. George H.W. Bush is sad.

P.S.S. I hope Paul is not an American. If he is, I am ashamed of him.

I have been watching the news non stop… nothing on TV is good anymore so the Reagan coverage is what stays on… i have noticed how much Bush can be likend to Reagan ( THEN ) not today


Reagan was looked down on as a fool because he would not change his ways on ending communism

Bush is a fool for not trying to change ways in the war on terror

Reagan had no idea that any weapons were traded to bring home the Americans from Iran

Bush had no idea there were no real, or as of yet, no real weapons of mass distruction in Iraq

Reagan’s press conferences often left him looking incoherent and or uneducated

Bush… ditto

the list can go on but I am sleepy… PS all of this info is true about reagan, i have been watching CSPAN and they just did pro’s and cons of his time in office, public views etc… yadda yadda… tata

Paul is just a typical hate filled liberal…nothing new.

It is a sad day, for America has lost a truly great man. It is a blessing though that his struggle is over now and he is with the Lord. My prayers are with the family. I hope that the news coverage and rememberance of of President Reagan can be used to inspire those of us to continue to do what is right and make this country better.