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Reagan and Reality




Cue Pittbull's Regan and Steel rant.


Thanks for the introduction D K :slight_smile:


Ronald Reagan was the worst President America has known all the old Steel towns that are now vast fields of Welfare Recipients can all be lain at the feet of Ronald Reagan, Hundreds if not thousands of thriving companies , Thousands of towns and cities hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs , gone thanks to Ronnie


Which begs the question, why don't we just ban all imports? That would make all industry better and America better. Then we just hand out government money to any company that isn't making it, that way no business ever fails.

I'm telling you guys, it's foolproof.


especially when we can print our own money


HAHA, no problem!


No need to ban anything just make sure that all the same players have the same human rights record and the same record on the ecology of the industry, I am running out of battery :slight_smile:


While I didnt care for Reagan and he is overblown.... Obama is by far the worst president american has ever known. In his 1 term he will increase the debit more then all the persidents (including bush) combined. nuff said...


No one has the same record. The Japanese don't have the same idea of humans rights we do, so ban Honda?

There are a lot of things more important that humans rights issues that cause the discrepancies in cost of business.


I see GLOBAL Governance. Are you ready for that and what it really means? Not the touchy feely version, but what it really means. It means the entire world run by a group of elites, the rest of us at a 2nd world country level, we have to make the difference up.



Anything else we should emulate?

Drug laws, sexual harassment seminars, summary execution of smokers?

Just asking.

No really, if you shoot yourselves in the foot, we should of course do the same, its only fair after all.


My point is that Reagan wanted American Steel to compete with third world countries that paid pennies a day if they did not get away with not paying their workers at all , Reagan's concept was that you flood the market with cheap goods and every one can buy more , that is good until no one has money to buy the cheap goods .


Seeing as the economy has done great and there is no higher level of consumer-ship in the world, please explain how that isn't what happened?


there is a thing called reason or reasonable . We are a civilized society,we treat people in a way that allows them to live a good life , I believe the social programs in America , for the better part are good.

China is a good example or at least ther WERE a good example . Treated the people like shit , killed or imprisoned the dissenters . WE were competing with countries that were what America should never want to be . No free market , fascist, communist, supporting all the things I hear the so called right screaming about


I agree to a degree, they control wealth and if the people are smart that is all, but I also agree people do not always do what is best for them


I disagree that the economy is doing good , we have no where near the manufacturing base we had before Reagan , He was the Unions worts enemy he cut off our nose to spite our face , he threw the baby out with the bath water , he fucked America in the ass


LOL. The problem with a liberal is that they equate not doing something you don't have the right to do with proctively doing something bad.

The union is the union's worst enemy. Not taking people's money by force to prop up an inefficient industry isn't "fucking america in the ass".


Notice how this was totally ignored.


That article straight up lied about Volcker's position on taxes and the Laffer curve.
The problem with (supply side economics) cutting taxes is that borrowing is worse than taxing.
Which is what Art Laffer doesn't understand and what Volcker does.
The Laffer curve is accurate when your citizen's have savings to tax.
Japan saw a lost decade(and is still not out of it) because of high tax burdens.
Reagan fucked up because he massively expanded the military budget.
Cutting other government functions was meaningless because the total borrowing and spending went up anyway.
Volcker did the right thing by raising interest rates at the Fed.
It's too late to do anything about our sovereign debt obligations now.
As soon as OPEC switches over to accepting non-dollar currencies for petroleum sales China and the rest of our creditors will completely liquidate their dollar reserves into their own currencies.