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Ready to Use 531


hey guys,

i think i'm still beginner in lifting, i've started starting strength march '14 until july '14, and now i wanna start again but i'm confuse to choose between 531 jim wendler or stronglifts 5x5

my last stat :
all without bar

squat : 92 kg
Deadlift : 78 Kg
Bench : 52 Kg
Barbell Row : 36 Kg
OHP : 30 Kg

do you think i'm good to go with 531 wendler which progress mothly ?
or start again with stronglifts which progress weekly ?

thank youuu~


How do you lift without a bar?


I have never heard of StrongLifts and I don't really have a reason to know it. But I do know that you should pick the program you want to do. So pick the program you want to do, not the one MuscleCheese225 wants you to do. How the hell would be know what's best for you?


I think he means that he's listing the weight he adds to the bar as he doesn't know the weight of it.

OP, SL is progressing session to session, not week to week.. EDIT: oops, wrong person's lifts haha

Have you let starting strength run its course? I suspect you mean madcow rather than strong lifts.


i mean those weight are without bar weight ,

so do you think , with those weight which i'm still beginner is good with your program , and still can gaining muscle ?
yeah i know with weight increase you gain some muscle,
and diet , and rest all in check, :slight_smile: i just still confuse with the program
because some people say your program 531 is for intermediate to advance lifter who cannot progress session to session again so they progress monthly, and with my number some people suggest to still take program with progress session to session , idk which one is better,

any advice ?

no i mean SL , yeah SL progress session to session , so sorry forget to say that,
and yes i let SS run its course before..


1) Add the weight of the bar for your calculations; after all, you are lifting it.

2) There are some very interesting beginner version of 5/3/1; and yes, with basic 5/3/1 (and BBB template), you'll get bigger and stronger.


When i started 5/3/1 my numbers were not that far off your own.
Squat 100kg x 1 deadlift 110kg x 1 bench 80kg x 1
i fought with the idea of, am i ready for this program or not? but after reading 5/3/1 2nd edition and beyond 5/3/1, i believed in the whole concept rather than just the progression and weights.

You have to do what you believe in, dont care about what other people are doing and work hard.

also 5/3/1 has great flexability... i have recently become a father, and without too much change to my programming i have gone to 3 days training still applying the same mentallity and principles.


My advice is to do the program you want to do. That's the one that you will stick to. As I said before, never listen to those you don't know.


Use whichever program gets you most excited to train.

Incidentally, I've not come across many ungeared lifters who squat more than they deadlift. To me this sounds like a technique issue on the deadlift or a depth issue on the squat.


yes , and i'll try your BBB program version 2 , :slightly_smiling:
thank for your reply

there's some grip problem on my deadlift , idk maybe my grip technique is wrong , and now i start to learn the right technique


Grip technique? I've never seen or heard of anyone work on grip technique. Grip stength maybe, but not at less than 100kg. I'm not saying your wrong but just to be on the safe side, get someone to watch your next squat session to make sure you're hitting a proper depth.


roger that B-)
i'll get someone to watch my squat,
and do you think am i good to use 531 with those number ?


Absolutely, have a look at which variation suits you best and go for it.

Not trying to be a douche by the way, the situation just sounds a bit familiar. I used to squat 300+lbs and deadlift 250lbs, then someone showed me how to hit proper depth on my squats. By squatting properly my numbers halved in the space of 10mins and it was probably the most important 10mins I've ever had in the gym.