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Ready to Step Up My Diet

hey guys, first time posting. a intro to myself
2 years ago I was a 240-250 (not sure) 14 year old that all he did was play video games. I got tired of not being able to walk up a flight of stairs and being out of breath. So I got into mountain biking. I got my dad to take me down to the local loop and I was riding 3 times a week, and got pretty good, also lost alot of weight. 2 years later, 195 pounds.

Now MTBing isn’t the only thing I did to lose weight, I ran every day I wasn’t mountain biking. worked my way up to my current 6 miles at a decent pace from barely during a quarter mile. Also helped me to lose weight.

I also did a fair amount of weight training. Bench Pressing, Deadlifting, Pullups. Squats were out of my league due to a shoulder injury, and it is extremely uncomfortable to squat. But now, for the last 2 months or so I havent lost any weight at all, stalled, and I have a feeling its due to my diet.

my workout schedule is like this sometimes i change stuff around
Monday- down to the local trails 9-18 mile ride intense
Tuesday - Bench press, pullups, curls ect sometimes I’ll ride my bike at the trails for an easy ride
Wednesday - 5 or 6 mi run
Thursday - Deadlifting, some body weight work. usually some plyometrics also
Friday - MTB
Saturday - 5 or 6 MI run
Sunday - Off

My diet (pretty much the same thing everday)
Wake up
Don’t eat anything for 3 or 4 hours
Then I usually make 2 scrambled eggs with some bread

my next meal is usually a roll with roast beef with some water

I usually don’t eat anything after that. I never really get hungry. Sometimes if I get hungry I’ll make a sandwich, or make some chicken meatballs or chicken breast we have.

Now I know the diet is really really bad. But could some critque my overall workout schedule and maybe show me to some good diets. Thanks

so that is what mtb means

yes…he is a MounTainBikeR born in ninteen 92 hahaha

Lookin at your training, I think it would b cool to do a triathelon (since you bike and run so much, unless u cant swim) jsut to show how much you progressed. just an idea


need to eat more in the moring. Why weight so long. More food in general. Not eating kicks your body into “POW” and produces fat to stay alive. Eat 6-7 times daily. Lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole food protein sources.

Im not gonna write a diet for you, but do some research THOUSANDS of diets and diet articles on this site