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Ready to roll

In preparing to look my best for a special occasion, I have decided to utilize the info given to us by Timbo and Thunder. I am currently 12 days out from my peak date, and am going to be starting the depletion phase tommorow. I will be charting my progress via this thread, and if able to posting pictures in the photos column. Timbo has hooked me up with a nice meal plan for the depletion phase.
Total Cals: 2508.5 Pro:318.9 (51%) Fat: 82.1 (29%) Car: 121 (19%) Fib: 33.9 (87.0)
As you can see the man has hooked me up. Now I would love to ge down to business and get this rollin. Tommorow is my 1st day training with this protocol, and I will chime back to chart. Any how I would like all to feel free to chime in, as this progresses. Also as always the wonderful advice given here is always appreciated.

Well I have yet to train, but I already have questions.

  1. Say I need this “photogenic state” to last for two WHOLE days, how would I manipulate things differently then someone who is merely looking to be there tighest for a prejudging?
  2. As far as pie fillings go, would pumpkin pie filling work?
  3. For how long does one load up on sodium?
  4. Could I benefit more from taking a diuretic more than 6 days out? pros/cons
    Off to train right now, and am very enthused, it was hard to sleep last night, but I am revved up and “ready to roll”

Okay I have more Q’s and I hope that they are able to get adressed, I would really appreciate it. In regards to sodium I have recently in last two days tried jacking it up with the addition of Mcormick Montreal steak seasoning with each meal. I wasnt tracking my sodium prior to this, but I was using sauces like BBQ, (lightly) and a chili paste on my foods. I have 11 days, is it too late to add sodium into my diet? Thanks any replys are appreciated

J-Bird, glad to see you’re rollin’, bro!

Let me just make some clarifications on the numbers that have been posted in case anyone is skeptical.

The protein (i.e. 318.9g) is complete and incomplete sources.

The carbohydrate total (121g) is not discounting fiber. Discounting fiber, the CHO total is 87g. Of those 87g, only about 45g are coming from yams immediately post-training, while the rest are from fibrous veggies.

J, we all look forward to watching you transform in the next week and a half!

will be watching, transformations are always fun to watch! Go hard brutha