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Ready to Rock - What do you think

Ok fellas I’ve finally got this down and any feedback/suggestions are definitely welcome.

Looking to drop some big fat over the next 2-3 months;

I will be in the gym 4 x/week
Cardio 6x/week (likely running)

Starting with Fat Fast and will shift to T-Dawg.

Supplements will be
Hot Rox (2 - 2x/day)
Low Carb Grow
Methoxy (2tsp - 2x/day)
Tribex (3 - 2x/day)
M (3 in the AM)

Food Journal on hand and enough sack to ward off even the Doughnut fairy!

A couple of questions I do have are, is it ok to take the M with the Hot Rox first thing in the morning before food?

And also Is this the appropriate way to stack Tribex and M?


Seems like a lot of running and a high supplement bill to me. Make sure you key your diet/training in for max results. Bump for more opinions.

Sorry, what is “bump”?

Cardio will only be 30-40 min each day.
Could be any number of things, I just prefer to run.

BingBong, your basic plans looks good to me.

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I’m cutting myself and have been thrilled with the LBM protective qualities of Methoxy and Hot Rox. They’re expensive, yes, but if you have your diet dialed in, they’re WELL worth the money.

I don’t see Surge on your list. Surge is THE single-most important supplement you can take. More important than anything else on your list. Read up on it.

You’re dead on with Tribex & M.

Re the cardio being excessive, that depends. If your diet is dialed in, there’s nothing better for reducing subcutaneous fat stores. I’m doing 45 minutes of fasted-state cardio 7 days a week, and I’ve managed to put on muscle and drop BF at the same time. However, I am taking MRM’s BCAAs + Glutamine (15g) in 2 quarts of water with my cardio sessions. It does a great job of protecting LBM. I would not do HIIT fasted state. Be sure to separate your cardio and weight bearing sessions.

Good luck to you, and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I doubt this will get through the moderators… but I heard methoxy is a load of bull$h!t…

Bump means I was bringing your thread back to the top so others would read it before it got buried. Still a lot of cardio, but that’s just me.

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I guess I would say by current thinking your plans look to be a bit harsh on muscle retention. That is a lot of heavy cardio while you are hypo caloric.
I’m assuming that is why you are planning to take all those supps, to hopefully stave off muscle loss?

Your results really are going to depend on how your body reacts to that amount of exercise combined with the lack of food to keep up. Fat fast especially is a very low caloric diet, and that amount of exercise will put you in a heavy deficit.
I would suggest to keep a close watch on your BF levels, your LBM and how much weight you are lifting to make sure you aren’t burning muscle.

depsyphor, not really. But I’ve gotten two entirely different results with Methoxy; none and fabulous. First time 'round I didn’t have my diet dialed in. Second time around I DID have my diet dialed in and the Hot Rox/Methoxy combo did a FABULOUS, STUNNING, INCREDIBLE job of preserving LBM. In particular, I like Methoxy’s hardening effects.

Like any supplement on the market, if you don’t have you diet dialed in, you’ll not get the results for which you’re hoping and you’ll feel that the supplment you purchased was a waste. NOTHING can overcome a bad diet.

BTW, what’s this “I heard” stuff? In all fairness, you should give something a fair shot before shooting it down.

BingBong, in answer to your PM about Methoxy vs. Hot Rox, for the benefit of all, my strong feeling is that Methoxy helped far more in preserving LBM than in fat loss. Others may feel differently.

Methoxy and Hot Rox work by different mechanisms. There’s some overlap, yes, but I’d be hard pressed to decide between the two. Methoxy and Hot Rox are like Batman & Robin; the Dynamic Duo. (grin)