Ready to Get Serious


37 year old Marine Veteran that wants to get the body that I had back in 2002 when I exited the Marines. I am on a strength training regimen that I used back then with moderate results. I have incorporated more cardio than I used to and I can see gains in strength. I NEED MORE!!

Age is a number to me and I know in my core that I have potential to be bigger and faster and stronger. I have changed eating habits (including beer, which was hard to do but now I have eliminated it completely). I eat a high protein diet to match my gym output, nothing more nothing less. I am weighing over 230 right now at probably OVER 25% body fat.

I need something different, any help with nutrition, workouts, etc, would be appreciated.


Good on you for making the commitment to regain your fitness. Tell us about what you’re doing these days vis a vis exercise and nutrition–the more detail, the better. Also, how long you’ve been doing it, and what sort of progress you’ve made since starting (eg, changes in strength, weight, body composition, etc).

And thank you for your service.

Actually off and on for the last 3 years since starting to coach youth football. This time is different though, I am more focused and dedicated to my health and physique.

I am stuck on the “block” workout routines with cardio 3 times a week (usually a 5K). My nutrition could be better as far as how much and what to eat to fuel my body.

Chest and Bi’s - with no set routine
Back and Tri’s - " "
Legs - again " "
Shoulders - yet, again " "

Core is every day to finish the night.

I eat 5 small meals a day and plenty of fruits and veggies throughout the day. I usually down a high protein low carb shake post workout. Half a gallon of water a day.

I am currently (as of last Monday, normal scale days) 235 ballpark on the BF is 25%. Most of the unsightly weight is around the mid section but looks better every day. I feel confident more and more as the weeks go by. I have a fear that I may be hitting a plateau however.

Hope this helps

Welcome aboard and thanks for your service.

The two e-books I’d pick up are John Keifer’s Carb Night Solution (fat loss) and Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 (strength training and conditioning). There’s more than one way to skin a cat but these two e-books are a great place to start.

Cardio is fine if you like to do it, but isn’t necessary for fat loss and can be counterproductive for maintaining muscle mass on a cut. I like some sort of sprints/prowler work/intervals etc. after weight training to speed fat loss and maybe some fasted cardio/nepa/walking in the morning.

Good luck to you.


My wife and I have recently started following the guidelines of the “Samuri Diet” by Nate Miyaki which we have already seen good effects from. Also his artilce on cardio I found enlightening. I started out at 417lbs and have gotten down to around 290 (as of this morning) at 6’2". My goal is to get to the 225 to 240 range depending upon what I feel like at 240. The cardio artlice link is below.