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Ready To Gain Weight

I have been out of the gym for a year or so. This is my deal…I need some direction if someone would like to help:
I am 22 years old and weigh 155 lbs. I am very athletic but I have been away from the weight lifting scene because of a shoulder injury…three badly sprained ankles and surgery on my mouth. Through these injuries I have lost a huge amount of weight! Everything is back to par now and I am ready to start putting on some weight and to get back to where I use to be. I use to weigh 175lbs and was a gym rat. I know that a persons diet is the key to success. I was wondering if anyone has or can direct me to a diet that will allow me to gain some weight while hitting the gym hard. I know protein is key( what is a good protein on the market and where can I get it?) I basically need a 5-7 day diet that can direct me to some major weight gain. I have been working out the last month about 3 days a week and am ready to start hitting it hard. Can you direct me to a work out program that will focus on weight gain…ALL in all, I am very healthy when it comes to eating and have little to no body fat. Any input or direction would really be great! THanks…

Try Grow! from this site.

Good luck.

program: Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy program(Chad Waterbury)

diet:Massive Eating, part 1 and 2(John Berardi)


Welcome to the site. You cam to the rhight place at the rioght time. YTou are set top make some great gains due to getting back into the game having so called muscle memory and such. You should be able to pull off newbie like gains for the first few months. Add in smart training and proper nutrition and you may even quickly surpass your former self.

As for the protein, I second the suggestion , you just cant beat Grow! and Low Carb Grow! found right here.

As for nutrition well start here with
7 Habit

Add in these and you got an awesome plan.
Massive Eating
M/E Reloaded

Pick an awesome training program there are a plethora here as well. Kep us informed and dont be a stranger,

Hope this helps,

Personally i’d say check out the “Bulk Building Workout” by Ian King.