Ready To Drink Shakes...

Are any of the RTD shakes worth a shit? My gym sells a couple and I was wondering if they’re worth buying/trying until I get around to ordering from Biotest…

I have had a few of the EAS RTD Myoplex shakes and they taste like brake fluid. I would skip them and just use a shaker…

No, the proteins used are of a very cheap variety.

No. Read the Protein Insider article. Buy powder and a shaker cup. If powder is not in packets, use plastic baggies to take on the go. This is more economical plus you’re getting a higher quality protein (provided you buy something good).

Why is the protein low qaulity? Isnt it just Whey?

1)First the protein/water mixture is mixed at high speeds, boiled and pasteurized at high temperatures. It’s not only part of the process, but the law.

2)The mixture is then allowed to cool, and preservatives are then added. By now, the protein has been denatured to a degree to almost make it useless.

3)To add insult to injury, the useless mixture is canned, bottled, sealed then stored and shipped in varying temperatures for varying amounts of time, with varying degrees of exposure.

4)This “shelf” time can be pretty long between manufacturing, shipping, wholesale storage then the time it spends at the retail outlet (in this case your gym)

By the time you pop the top or screw off the lid, all you have is some useless liquid in a pretty container…

My advice? Mix your shakes up from a quality protein powder. The “Ready-To-Drinks” are a rip-off…

The protein sucks because anything ready to drink like that has to be pastuerized, which cooks the proteins and makes 'em worthless. get a shaker cup.

What about the liquid Isopure drinks? 40 g. whey isolate, splenda and nothing else? Comments on quality?

Speaking of Isopure, are their powder shakes worthwhile? I got a free sample of their vanilla shake, and it wasn’t bad. 50g of protein…

Well, milk is pastuerized also, so are you saying that the protein in milk is worthless too? Methinks not.

I read somewhere that the higher the sodium level in the protein, the lower the quality. Don’t know if this is true but sodium is much lower in powder than rtd’s. Stick with powder.

sigh The processing of both cows milk and these pre-packaged products are similar but dissimilar an many ways. (Rememeber, one (cow’s milk) has a shelf-life of only weeks (at best) refrigerated and one has a “shelf-life” of 18 to 20 months!!!)

That’s for two reason’s; 1)the bacteria count and significant pathogens are not only reduced in these products (as it is in cow’s milk), but practically eliminated by both higher and longer boiling times. 2)There is not significant enough organic product left to spoil!

Hey…if you want “ready made”, it makes more sense to drink some milk and and take a multi to the gym with you if you want; that would be more nutritious and a LOT cheaper! Peace.

They are better than a drive thru meal, but whole food would be better. Unless this is a post workout meal. I would go with Biotest anyday considering the taste and you know what you are getting.

They are fine. “The protein insider” even said the protein is just fine. They are expensive because they cost more to ship since they are mixed in water. Sodium intake means nothing most whole food proteine (espec milk and beef) have plenty of sodium. If you can afford them there is nothing wrong with them! EAS has some good ones with 20, 30, and 45g of Protein from a good blend. (and only 3g of carbs in the low carb formula’s.) Oh, the shelf time is years thanks to new packaging techniques not “a few weeks.”

The greatest thing about the EAS ones are the ingredients inside. For all intents and purposes, let’s just focus on one of the more exciting ones: soy!