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Ready to drink protein

My question pertains to the quality of protein that is found in the ready to drink shake cans/bottles:

Recent articles (protein insider)indicate that the protein has to be “cooked” as part of the process. How does the protein quality get diminished? Does anyone actually know for fact what the “cooking process” entails?

Here I have a can of ABB “Extreme BODY RTD 50 monster shake”.

The claims are:

*50 grams of protein from milk and whey (no soy)
*1.5 grams of sugar
*8 grams carbs
*3 grams fiber
*4 grams sugar
*26 vitmains and essential minerals

It sounds like a solid protein drink. Is ABB being upfront with the label claims? What are the downsides to drinking a protein drink like this with some fish oil capsules (P+F)?

Your thoughts???

Ooops…The correct spelling would be vitamins. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure this was answered a couple of weeks ago in T-mag’s reader mail section.

Sometimes I need a swift kick in the ass. This weeks reader mail has the answer to this question. Kill this thread!
The moral of the story here is to read ALL of t-mag (even reader mail).