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Ready to Cycle - Test/Anavar

Hey guys, this is kinda long but I would really appreciate any help!

25 y/o, 5’9, 200 lbs, 12-18% bodyfat, training for 10 years.

My primary goal is not so much to gain weight but get a lean, harder look and flatten my midsection. I feel like I carry a lot of weight around my midsection and don’t have a lot of separation in my shoulders/traps/arms. I’m always surprised to find out guys who look bigger than me actually weigh 10-15 lbs less. It doesn’t matter to me how much I weigh as long as I get leaner and at least maintain my current size. (I could post pics? I dunno)

Train Back/Chest/Off/Legs/Shoulders/Arms/Off
Currently alternating cardio (15-20 min elliptical) and abs every day, sometimes both.

Diet will be 300+ protein, 250 carbs, <100 fat, primarily chicken, fish, egg whites, brown rice, oatmeal, veggies… I will be eating clean obviously but do I need to go crazy? For example, I like Big 100 bars but they’re high in fat, I can still have these?

I posted on here a while back about low testosterone after cycling 6 years ago (Test/Deca 12 weeks 500/500 I think, no real PCT). My testosterone was 280 last year, rechecked last week and now 340. Endo thought it wasn’t necessary to do anything at this point.

To be honest, this is kinda lower than I’m comfortable with to do a cycle with but I’m hoping with proper PCT my post-cycle levels will be about the same and I can go forward from there.

Week 1-10: Test E 500 mg/week (250 Mon, 250 Thurs) Shorter length b/c of my history.
Week 6-12: Anavar 50 mg/day

Week 3-12: hcG 3x250IU/week
Week 1-12: Arimidex 0.5 mg/day

Week 13-16: Clomid 100/50/50/50


  1. Obviously I want to be as safe as possible with recovery so is the current hCG regimen good or does it need changing? I originally wanted to do hCG 250x2/week but figured better be safe and up it to 3 and will take until 3-5 days before PCT.

  2. Along the same lines, should I increase the dosage or run the Clomid longer or add anything else either in-cycle or to my PCT?

  3. Can I take a wait and see approach with the Arimidex? I did get a little bit of a lump in one of my nipples with my first cycle that I still have but not exactly moobs. Also, I have a receding hairline which I’m not sure that cycle contributed to as it didn’t come during or directly after I don’t think. I would like to keep as much bloat off as possible but seeing as I’m taking Anavar, I dunno how much more the Arimidex can help. Also, I haven’t bought it yet if something else may be a better option.

  4. 6 weeks of Anavar is pretty standard but any thoughts on doing 8 instead seeing as my goal is not so much to bulk but as to lean out?

  5. And this may be a dumb question but how much cardio should I be doing?

I know this was really long and I asked a lot of questions and I’m sorry about that, just wanted to get as much info out there as possible. I really appreciate any help you guys can give me.

Thanks a lot!