Ready to Compete? Potential?

What do you guys think. This is after a bulk. Weighing in at about 220lb in these pics at 6ft 3. 25 years old

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Legs are definitely your strong point.
Meh at are your lifts so we can see how you’d stack up in your division.

lol don’t have any legs pics. Upper legs measure in at 26 calves only 16 though even with training them 3x a week.
I don’t lift “heavy”. 12 rep minimum usually.
Squat 315 sets of 12
Incline dumbbell 100s sets of 12
Rarley bench or deadlift

I was just being an asshole. I actually tried to edit the post but my service was bad and it wouldn’t work, so I said screw it. I’ll just own up to my immaturity lol

I’m assuming you want to compete in physique?

Might be helpful to hit some different posses. You look pretty good right now. A few more pounds lost and you’d be fairly lean.

Im fat and weak so don’t take this for gospel. Just my random internet degree in action.

Haha all good. And yes physique. And i don’t think I’ll have any problems getting lean enough. Those pics are after a 6 month bulk. Thanks to my stupid high metabolism i eat 4K calories plus and stay lean year round

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Why did you say that? Now I must hate you :rofl:

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Because it’s costing me the same as a morgage lol