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Ready to Bulk Up - Help

After a year of training and reading, I feel I am ready to start bulking for the first time. I am a FFB so this is something new and frankly scary. I am starting on OVT as my training program, and I might move on to HSS-100 after the 8 week block. I am sure my training will go well, but I am not so sure on my dieting. I have read alot of Dr. Berardi, but I am struggling to eat enought protein. I eat alot of Tuna and eggs, I also have a good whey shake, but I am looking for cheap bang-for-your-buck protein. Anyone have suggestions for this poor college student?

Grow! Whey.

Otherwise, stick to eggs, chicken, fish, beef, and dairy.

Lean ground beef, ground chicken, ground turkey… fairly cheap sources of whole food protein.

Stock up and freeze large purchases (in one meal chunks) when one of them go on sale…

Anyway, as a FFB myself, I can say that if you’ve had success leaning down and such, don’t fret putting on some fat, you can get rid of it again. However, don’t let your eyes or your appetite fool you, keep the fat gain under control!