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Ready to Bulk - Quick Progress!

Hey everyone I am just finishing another part of my cycle to reach my goal physique before the age of 20. I will be finishing my first ever cut in a few weeks. Waiting for school to start, so I can figure out my schedule.

For my bulk I plan on doing an Upper/Lower body routine 4x times a week. Main reason for this reason because I am mainly focused on my quad and calves development more than anything else. My diet is going to be really clean. Trying to limit fat gains while seeing gains everywhere else. Here is my routine. Criticize please! I don’t really have a PR for any of the major presses. But I will find them out a week before I begin my bulk!

Aiming for 160g protein, 300g carbs, and 60 g carbs. Mainly focused on my protein and carbs though. I will be doing a one month progress every once and a while to see where I can make more improvements. This bulk will last for 6 months maybe more depending on my leg development and my overall satisfaction of my own body.

good luck, buddy. You might want to keep a log to track your progress… but you’re bulking. Don’t overthink it. As long as you get your protein, don’t eat total crap all the time, and get your calories, it’s kind of hard to mess up. granted, I’m an easy gianer. Dave Tate said something on here about bulking that you might want to check out.

/wishing he wasn’t cutting

can you get me that link? And also for his cut. Maybe I might learn something about losing my last few lbs.