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Ready to Be Trained!


I've been training intensively for about a year or so. 33 yrs. old. 5'8", 170 lbs. Will post pic. I am overwhelmed by the amount of programs and templates that are given. I may try one for a few weeks the switch to another one based on other peoples opinions.

I seem to gain both fat and muscle fairly easy. A mesomorph I guess?? Anyways, I'm willing to follow someone more experienced and do exactly as they tell me to do. Any takers??


I will work hard. I will eat whatever. I know a fair amount but I need DIRECTION in my life!!


I will work hard. I will eat whatever. I know a fair amount but I need DIRECTION in my life!!


Hopefully these pics (one should've been flipped up) will show my dedication. I just need someone with more experience than me to guide me.


Uh, you have a lot of potential. Have you ever tried reading those articles you speak of and actually using your logic and creativity to see which MIGHT work or which you might like?

Part of this whole thing is using your brain. And if one doesn't want to do that, I guess they can get free help but it's a lot of work for your BIG request: someone to telecommute train you.

Can you post your numbers for:

bench press
overhead press
pullup or chinup
bent over row
and dips?

What do you eat?


170lbs after 11 years on this site???


Just because I joined 11 years ago doesn't mean I followed it the whole time. Yes, here's my stats. By the way Rampant, shortly after I joined was the start of a 10 year battle with alcoholism, which I just kicked a year ago. So yes, I may know some stuff but sometimes someone needs their ass kicked or prodded by someone else. Anyways, here is some stats.

Bench: 275
Squat: 315
Deadlift: 405
OH Press: 155
Pullup: 14 w/ bw
Bent over row: Can get 8 w/ 185 (never maxed out)
Dips: Can do 8 w/ 90 lbs on a belt (yes, i can)


maybe he left and came back? 11yrs training and registering 11yrs ago, quitting then coming back last year are two different things.


Here's a typical day of eating:

4:30am: Finibar
5-6am: workout
6:30am: 2 scoops Surge Recovery
9am: 2 scoops Metabolic Drive Low Carb, 1 apple
1:30pm: 2 scoops Metabolic Drive Low Carb, 2 tbsp. peanut butter
5:30pm: lean meat, HUGE salad with a bunch of raw veggies, red wine vinegar and siracha for dressing, sometimes a sweet potato or rice
8:30pm: 1 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 avocado



why is this site so slow?


I'm an open book. What else ya wanna know?


Why so little solid food?


Let's get more specific. In 2007, I was drunk of my ass EVERYDAY, drinking upwards of 3 5ths of vodka per day. I weighed around 225 and fat as hell. So yeah, I took some time off from the site.


At work, I get 10 min breaks. It's so easy during the day to just slam back a shake and a piece of fruit and get back to work


Your lifts are pretty good. If you're so confused, then how did you produce them?


Lol a lean 170 on a 5'8" frame looks good.


I worked hard. But I've always followed the same BB routine. 3-4 exercises, 3-4 sets, 6-12 reps. 1 bodypart per week. Yes, it's worked for a while. Coming though what I've came through, I just feel like I have so much more potential, so much more "in the tank". Dedication is not a question. Right now I get up at 4am and am i the gym by 4:30. After overcoming alcoholism. of which I was the worst of the worst, I feel like my body can be an inspiration to so many people.

I have heard of and understand so many of the recent programs posted on here "layer system, boring but big, etc." but I am a guy who needs something in writing. Someone to say, "Do this on day 1, this on day 2, etc."


He has a lot of potential considering the way he looks and has OK lifts while being confused.


Thanks Ryan. I'm tryin!!


If I have potential then show me how to get over the "hump". Could you imagine the impact a 10 yr. drunk could have on people if they saw me compete one day??