Ready for New Cycle - Test/Deca/Mast/Dbol (Pics Included)

Some that come to mind:

  • Tons of anecdotes on the forums. It is all good till you have that near miss. Some have a direct hit.
  • Persons I have spoken with. Multiple heart attack and stroke victims. One dude’s blood was so thick they could not phlebotomize him at the ER.
  • The Mike Matarazzo video I have posted on here multiple times.
  • Top Olympia competitor who is known for only going “on” a few months per year for the one contest in the 90s. He didn’t shrink down by choice 8 months out of the year. Personally told me he could not breath contest time (his really important muscles responded a little too well). Scared the living hell out of him.

Yes, you are correct, we don’t have the proper control for any of the above experiments to block for cumulative AAS use. Nevertheless, note well.